The Most Attractive Athletes in Beijing

So I switched to the women’s beach volleyball tournament and started thinking. “No way, there is another sport with more attractive bodies.” Not too slim, too tall, too muscular, too fat, too whatever… those girls are just perfect. And most of them even have pretty faces too. Now, I know, that’s a rather shallow observation, but don’t you agree?

As to the men, I don’t know, 400 meter hurdles, maybe?

women’s pole vault and diving athletes have well proportioned physiques, i think.

They’re all built like brick shithouses, every last one of them that I’ve seen so far. Like Harvey Keitel in spandex.

Enjoy - Womens Beach Volleyball…and Yes…it is now an Olympic Sport.

Cracking the Code
Hand Signals…of course…:smiley:

Official Womens Beach Volleyball Olympic Results

Cheeky George Bush works up a sweat getting to know the women’s volleyball team
Brit website.

have patience, sandman, your beloved shotput ladies will sooner or later make an appearance on your telly…

Not in a shaggable way, but the young Taiwanese man who upset Andy the Choker Murray in the first round of Olympic tennis is looking quite attractive to me.
Great match, lad. The No. 70 player in the world takes on the No. 6 and hands him his arse on a silver platter in straight sets.

From my athletics days, the long jumpers were always the best looking. Sprinters are usually too butch, as are the ones who throw things. And high jumpers and and long distance runners too skinny…

synchronic swimmers are also great to watch, but the way they walk is kind of irritating…

I’m not sure which sport has the most attractive athletes but no word of a lie, while I was watching the opening ceremonies there was one woman on the Iranian (or Jordanian, I forget exactly) team that had THE most alluring eyes I have ever seen. She was wearing a head scarf and I’m pretty sure that her face will haunt me for the rest of my days.


women - I agree about the volleyball players. I especially like the Brazilians (African descent) where the legs are especially long and gluteuses maximuses are shaped very nicely :smiley:

Men - swimmers and waterpolo players are to die for! No contest.
I know you probably don’t follow waterpolo (as opposed to here in Croatia where it’s traditionally very strong), but if you get a chance, check them out (uh… not in a ghey way, of course). The thing with them is that the shape is god-like (men must have broad shouldes!), as with swimmers, but they’re even stronger, due to the nature of the sport… erm… I have to stop talking about them… in fact, I have to go watch some re-runs now :blush:

[quote=“sandman”]They’re all built like brick shithouses, every last one of them that I’ve seen so far. Like Harvey Keitel in spandex.[/quote]I have a question for you. My mother’s parents were from northern England, and she (and they) use the phrase "built like a brick shithouse’ as a compliment to mean ‘very well-built’, with a great body. I always thought it sounded funny, thinking that someone who looked like a brick shithouse would be solid, sturdy, and unattractive. Which is it? Is this phrase common in the UK?

YOu were actually watching the MENS swimming there pal. Try the womens. OH wait, they ARE built LIke brickshithouses there too!! Cept for the wee girls of the diving competition. :slight_smile:

This is also a popular expression in the US… at least where I grew up in Pennsylvania. (Many Scots-Irish settled there 300 years ago.) I, too, always thought the phrase a bit odd, until I saw my great-grandmothers wooden shack of a shithouse (outhouse), then realized that a shithouse made of bricks might look pretty good. Hence, the phrase…

I wonder what Bill Safire would say about it…

Sure, a brick shithouse can be charming and demure, but for just plain sexiness there’s not much that can compare to a metal bench.


I rather prefer a plastic patio chair… and strangely I’ve seen a few women in Taiwan built like one.

“Baby, you’re built like a plastic patio chair. Mmmmm, mmmmmmm!!”

“What do you mean?” she said.

“Flexible,” I say. “You’re very flexible…”

You sure it wasn’t because they were draped in a towel placed by a possesive German?


Sandman likes the Taiwanese tennis player. I agree, nice fellow, would be great to see him progress to the semi-finals or so (but no way he’ll beat either Nadal or Federer – even with his looks).

How about the two bronze medal winners from Taiwan? They are really an odd couple, aren’t they? Very lovable, though the first looks much older than she is and the second, well, it’s really easy to mistake her for a boy, especially with her voice.

Anyway, I cheer for the Taiwanese, good looking or not. Jia You!!! … letes.html

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