The Most Disgusting-Looking Scooter Ever

This is the most disgusting-looking scooter ever!

What possesses manufacturers to churn out these abominations? Anyone here work for Hartford? Also, it says that this is Taiwan’s only scooter that looks like a motorcycle… but that’s untrue, because there’s the CPI GTR: … e_2008.jpg

It looks like the Tonka toys we give the toddlers to ride, LITERALLY.

I would have to say that the yellow…thing…looks more like a motorcycle though, with the fake gas tank and head lamp. The other one definately more scooter-ish. What a waste of space though, I guess they are trying to sell it to the kewl kids.

I think they both look hot, but id hv to be a dwarf to ride em i think. Must be for short legged peeps.

They’re OK for what they are. And the price is right at under 80k. Its a bike, not a scooter. The gas tank is real. You don’t need ot be a dwarf. Its a city runaround. And its brightly colored.

I saw the Hartford just this morning at the local RT Mart. Its not a ‘small’ bike. Rather large for what it is.
I think its in competition with the KYMCO Quannon(sp?) or how ever its spelled. Not bad actually.

Given the gov’t limitations placed on bikes here, imagination plays a big part in design.

Yeah, it does look like a toy motorcycle Tonka would make!

sandman… that tank opens up and gives you enough room to put a helmet in it. Probably a full-face helmet, too!

I think the CPI GTR looks totally awesome, although it combines the worst feature of a scooter (automatic transmission) with the worst feature of a bike (no storage).

The yellow Hartford abomination is still that, though - an abomination!!! Unless you like monkey-bikes. The Kymco Quannon is a real motorcycle, though. Although, SYM has come up with this awesome alternative to the Quannon: … _NO=CGAE2Z

And there’s the 250 cc model, which looks slightly better:

How much do the SYM T2 250 cc cost? Does anyone know much about these bikes?
How much HP does it get? Was the T1 reliable?

According to this forum:

The T2 is $150,000 - which is quite a bit more than the T1’s $90,000! However, in my opinion, the T2 looks much, much better.

Specs (English & Chinese):

25 HP @ 7,500 RPM apparently.

SYM is very reliable, and I would put it right behind Yamaha in terms of both reliability and style. It’s probably even more innovative than Yamaha, in terms of the Taiwan market, too.