The Most Electronic Thread




Recommended that Kraftwerk one too, but this always held slightly more for me. A little more jaunty, esp at 0’56".

Europe Endless





Koreans are taking over:



You left out an ‘n’, tommy. It’s Gangnam style. By the way, haven’t you heard? Psy is THE Halloween costume for hipster dufuses this year, at least here on the right coast. :wink:


well shoot, i am behind the curve . I didnt even know bout them till 2 days ago when i went to a bar and they played this song. And now i realize that its the hottest thing going on right now with the younger set around these parts. Even Nelly Furtado did her version.


De nada, buddy, a minor slip. You ARE the curve. :thumbsup:


donno bout that. but i cant see my feet when i look down. :sunglasses:


bertyCoX, the Signal. Plus some cool tricks.


wicked old jungle mix


psychedelic DUB

Globular - To The Other Side of Fractal Phase Space


Paperclip People - Clear & Present
Quarter of an hour of early 21st century bliss :thumbsup:.



That’s hard indeed, in parts.

Mukkaa - Buruchacca, 1993.


Quite right, but a wee snippet won’t hurt. Get ready! I’m talking to you baby!


Looking the old posts over, thought to search for this:


more background music





We don’t know how they died–we never found them.