The Most Electronic Thread


seeing as a 'phoon is





Try and track down Chill Out by KLF Jimi. One of my favorite records, you have to hear it in its entirety.


… and play my own game.


Quite right, but a wee snippet won’t hurt. Get ready! I’m talking to you baby!


An interesting evolutionary progression:


One of my favorites. Not quite cheesy enough for the cheese thread.


if you don’t like a bit of House, turn away now.




I’m not sure I understand this genre, but maybe this goes here. One of the synthesizer pioneers.


The incomparable


Nice Jimi, I’m looking forward to tomorrow so I can crank that.



Do you know this, have you seen this man? He drove a white van


Love the eclecticism of IM music


“Good evening everyone. I’m Clyde Clifford, and this Beaker Street, KAAY, Little Rock, Arkansas.” I first heard that show in 1969, and this was the background music between songs:

I also heard this one on that same radio station in 1969. It may not sound like much now, but it sure blew my little sixteen-year-old mind. I should add that it’s not for the depressed, or even the somewhat down-in-the-dumps: