The most perfect dog is looking for a forever home

“Dentinho” was found on the street in Sanchong City. He is the best company if you are looking for a small dog to live in your apartment. He doesn’t bark, doesn’t bite, he is trained to make his necessities on the streets, he doesn’t destroy, he is clean and doesn’t have any skin disease.
He likes to accompany, wherever you are.
If you’d like to meet him and give him an opportunity to live with you,
please call: 0966867638 Mrs. Brum

大牙在三重市的街上被發現. 如果您正在找一隻陪伴型的狗狗,牠會是您的好夥伴! 牠體型不大,住在公寓內對牠而言剛剛好. 牠鮮少吠叫,也不摧毀家中物品,目前尚未發現它有任何的皮膚病. 牠對小朋友很友善,喜歡母狗多於公狗. 過幾天我們會帶她去看獸醫,確認牠的身體狀況.
如果您對大牙有認養的意願,請致電:0966867638 范小姐

I edited this page with a new text and new photos of it.
It passed 17 days and everybody is loving Dentinho around my neighborhood, but until now we couldn’t find anybody to be his forever owner.

He is adorable. Best of luck!