The most stressful job in the world


If you think you have a stressful job, think about being Kim jung Un’s train driver.


That’s nothing – they have a few minutes to get it right.

Try being Vlad’s daughter’s dance partner. You only get one shot! :man_dancing: :dancer: :eek:


This guy directs traffic all day on the dangerous Suhua Highway. Talk about stressful!


Needs sunglasses as a finishing touch

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LOL. What a useless blob that guy is. Can’t even step off the train and walk a few steps without assistance. If you flicked his nose he’d probably explode.

Did they spell his name wrong or is that how it’s actually pronounced? Kim Chen Yin?


I guess my work could be stressful . Glad to not have to Instruct anymore. Game of Russian Roulette…


I’d give this pass a job even if it was my only option. I’d rather spend all day by a river or the sea and hope to catch something to cook.

Reminds me a bit of Juncker who is constantly walking like an alcoholic hobo but they somehow managed to make up the narrative that he suffers from sciatic nerve pain and that’s why he acts like he does.

CLEARLY sciatic nerve issues. I guess being his therapist must be a stressful job as well.


Looks like it could be alcoholic neuropathy


Looks like an old guy with trouble walking for some reason. Not exactly rare.


Delete…Too stressed lol


Well … he genuinely did have a car accident, which could have caused balance problems I suppose. But if that were true, I would have thought he’d be severely incapacitated.

He’s a politician, so I’m going with drunk :slight_smile:


Where’s his umbrella? GASP! He might get a tan!

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Ah Taiwan Safety Man, distills down the essence of Taiwan Cha Bu Duo in one perfect package.

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