The Mueller investigations thread

That’s the new free masons strategy: they do it in plain sight! They’re getting bolder, but overconfidence may be their downfall!!

Or something along those lines. The whole russian conspiracy theory has become so boring, though, we’re getting on flat-earthers levels. I hope by 2020 we’ll have the chance to enjoy something new and more entertaining.

President Biden?

I don’t think I’m ready to watch him sniff Angelo Merkel’s hair…

I was talking about some new moronic conspiracy theory regarding the evil doings of Sglompf and/or his family.

Well, I read on a cat blog that criminal proceedings against Sglompf will start immediately after he loses in 2020 and leaves office.

WaPo’s Dems seem pretty sure tRump’ll be spending time in a New York prison after he leaves office. Geography on this seems certain. They really, REALLY want to see intake photos.

Trump has always done things in plain sight, knowing that his enemies, because of their lack of self awareness, would refuse to connect the dots. They’re all wondering what his hole cards are, and meanwhile he’s checkmating them.

Life is Calvinball, and the secret to winning is to choose your opponents well. The only rule is stupid people lose.

For real? Or fake news?

For real.

After two years and $35m, House Democrats are issuing subpoenas for…every person mentioned in the report in order to…I have no idea what they are doing it for.

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…in order to avoid admitting, even to themselves, that they’re wrong.

So only Assange goes to jail for cooperating with the Russians, how convenient.

Sanctions on Russia
Embassy moved to Jerusalem
Supports a change in the Venezuelan government which goes against Russian interests
Navy currently hovering around a Russian ally that’s a threat to Israel
38b$ to Israel

Oh yeah, Sblompf is clearly a Russian puppet in the hands of Putin, that’s the right direction to investigate and ask questions.


I think they’re doing it

They’re simply doing that to distract from the fact they used mind control to convince a few thousand guys in Wisconsin not to vote for Hillary Clinton.


He’s not in jail for “cooperating with the Russians”, there is no proof he was “cooperating with the Russians”, even if he was it is not a crime to be “cooperating with the Russians”.

You were had. The media played their part. Painting political opponents as “cooperating with the Russians” is what they do, they have done it for decades, it’s their MO.

The same people were doing it to McCain in 2008, same Russians, same people were doing it to Gen. Flynn in 2015. Long before Trump descended on his elevator and announced he was running.

I was not had anything what you on about ? Trump’s own son should be in jail already . :joy:
You think Trump himself is going to be signing papers…It’s very well established Russians interfered on massive scale in the elections there.
The Russians are having you for breakfast…

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For what?

You got hoodwinked, we know who, we know why. We know who they worked for and what they were up to.

Yet despite all the countless hours over the past 3 years in the media, I’m guessing you have never even heard the names Vyacheslav Trubnikov and Vladislav Surkov have you?


Yeah convicted liar Michael Cohen says what?

Vyacheslav Trubnikov and Vladislav Surkov who are they?

Yeah convicted CRIMINAL liar…See a pattern lol.

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Want me to tell you who Vyacheslav Trubnikov and Vladislav Surkov are?

We are are talking Trump junior here.
.Seems he’s been lying.