The Mueller investigations thread


Everyone claims to have strong moral principles. Many people think they have strong moral principles. Most people’s so-called moral principles are just a disorganized grab bag of societal prejudices and self-serving rationalizations.

Real integrity is all about being self-integrated. You know… integral. And that’s a middling virtue at best. More a precursor to virtue than a virtue in itself.

But at least it’s not bullshit. Which “strong moral principles” typically is.


I’m worth it. I wouldn’t advise everyone to be loyal to himself, because not everyone is worthy. But me? I’m worth it.

And those unworthy of self-loyalty… are also unfit to judge what is worth investing loyalty in. Why? Because they lack intellectual integrity.

Loyalty is the glue that attempts to hold society together, but instead ends up gumming up the works. It doesn’t hold the parts together for long, and it sticks where you want things to move. Stupid, useless gunk.

Unless you have a center that can hold, it doesn’t pay to be a falcon or a falconer.


But sensei, if the rationalizations are self-serving, doesn’t that mean they serve the interests of the person to whom one should be loyal? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Nice try. No, those who rationalize are unworthy of self-loyalty. They’re moralizing hypocrites.

Be a self that is worthy of self-respect and self-loyalty. Be a center that will hold.


I believe that translates as be a self that Rowland considers worthy of self-respect and self-loyalty. :smile:

You want people to follow a code of conduct while thinking they’re above following anything. If you mean not Rowland’s respect but an objective standard of self-respect that is as immutable as the laws of physics, then you’re positing the existence of such a standard, which is a matter of philosophy and/or religion.

To put it plainly, you actually are invoking morality (your own preferred version of it), while claiming to do the opposite. :yin_yang:


Well… there’s morality, and then there’s morality. But never mind that. It’s really about worthiness.


Back on topic, more on that vowel-challenged guy:

No man can serve two masters. To be loyal to one is to be disloyal to the other.

Me, I heed no mortal master. Simpler that way. What I follow may seem abstract - even more abstract than what goes by the name of morality - but it’s a center that holds: valid logic above all, and everything else on probation.


You admit you haven’t achieved Pacinodom, yet you consider yourself divine? :roll:


Turnabout. If they didn’t see this coming, they should have:

We’re at the point where this is politically doable.


Mueller has managed to save some face, but only for himself. Those who sicced him on Trump are still looking bad as ever.

Not a complete nothingburger, but far less than we’d been led to expect. And it doesn’t even implicate the intended target.

A day late and a dollar short, but now Mueller looks like a partial chump instead of a complete chump.

A detail to ponder:


Prepping the battlefield to get away with firing him…

A Whitey Bulger tie-in to remind us why we shouldn’t always trust the FBI.


Signalling there’s limits to what he can get away with:





Investigating the investigators:



“Where are the GOP servers? Where are those servers? They’re missing; where are they? I’ve been wondering that.”


They’re not missing. Nobody’s looking for them.


Yet another thing happened at Helsinki that everyone is ignoring.

Collusion now?


Conspiracy theorizing cuts both ways:

The latest development on what this is actually all about: