The Mueller investigations thread


No one, literally no one in their right mind would describe Donald John Trump as “clean”.


He still hasn’t even made public his tax records lol.


Clean as in making sure he did things by the book.
He is way behind the Clinton clan when it comes to ‘dirty’.

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The investigation is ongoing, so we don’t know yet if he’s “clean” or not. To date some of his associates have been found to be dirty to different degree, but we don’t know for sure yet what’s up with Donald.


That’s what they all say.

Until they get tenure. Then they can get away with admitting they don’t.


It’s all about the basis of comparison.

Sixty or seventy years ago, a guy like Trump would never have stood a chance. Adlai Stevenson could have beaten him.

Now, all the other politicians are good for is making The Donald look good by comparison.



A few updates to the Mueller investigations.

Corsi is suing Mueller, FBI and Intel for Alleged Illegal Surveillance and Grand Jury Leaks Calculated to Coerce or Blackmail Him to Testify Against President.

In another case, Concord Management is arguing that the crime they are accused of is non existent and it’s unprecedented for the prosecution to withhold all evidence and only expect themselves to present it to the court in secret and not let the defense see the evidence.

The Special Counsel has made up a crime that has never been prosecuted before in the history of the United States, and now seeks to make up secret procedures for communicating ex parte to the court which have never been employed in any reported criminal case not involving classified discovery.

The whole thing reads as very snarky from the defense, although they seem to realize the court will probably rule against them anyway and hints as the whole trail being a farce they will need to appeal later on.

Whatever deal Manafort made, is off. So much for co-operating with the prosecutor.

Mueller doesn’t say what Manafort was lying about, but the article does mention the Don Jr. meeting with a Russian lawyer, which I have long believed was a set p and hey have tapes and all communications related to that a long time ago.

Pretty much like they had on General Flynn, they already know what he said because they were recording him, same with the recording of George Papodopulous talking with various spooks in London are suposed to exist, which would explain why they knew he was lying about meeting a Maltese Professor, because they were the ones who set it up and were recording him .


Yeah, it’s beginning to sound a lot like Christmas a political witch-hunt.

The narrative is so screwed up now. Trump fired Comey for cause, as we’ve all seen since. He was 100% correct to fire James Comey. That Trump was able to size up Comey so quickly and so accurately so shocked stolid Washington that Sessions recused himself and Rosenstein appointed Mueller to be, in essence, a loaded gun at Trump’s ear for as long as Trump refused to act Presidential in ways that DC could accept.

However, it’s been obvious for months now that Mueller has nothing on Trump, and now the rest of Washington is beginning to see that he’s worn out his welcome.

The sooner Mueller goes away, the sooner Democrats accept Trump as President and the sooner they begin to behave like adults. The sooner Democrats begin to behave like adults, the more order comes to Washington, although it will probably lead to some serious fallout among Democrat media organizations that have invested heavily in orange man bad. Talking heads will probably roll.

Looks like we’re coming up on cutting our towline, or coming full circle to a place where CNN, MSNBC, WaPo, NYT, yada yada will have to double down (yet again) on orange bad man just to save their own skin.


In my opinion, he is not going anywhere because he serves a duel purpose. The first of which you mention, I heard he is now looking into all things Ukraine and Israel.

His other reason, and why I believe he is not going anywhere is he covers for FBI/DOJ/CIA malfeasance. It was painfully obvious that Senate Staffer James Wolfe leaked Carter Pages FISA application to Ali Watkins (yes, the same FISA warrant the House oversight can’t get) he ended up only being charged with lying to the FBI, probably to cover for some people in congress. Rosenstein stepped in and relived Sessions of that leak, because related to Mueller.

Mueller also gets to redact the IG reports, which is convenient rendering them fairly useless and Mueller provides a good excuse not to release documents to oversight in the House and Congress, because would interfere with their "investigations. Plus good luck getting Trump to declassify anything, “Obstruction of Mueller”.

Maybe a new AG could force him to shut shop, but not without fever pitched howling from the Senators and Congress (I don’t even single out Democrats as Republicans are neck deep in this too) and the media would go bonkers.

The media is fully complicit, there is no way they are going to own up to their role in any of this, so I agree 2019 will be another year of feverishly propping up Mueller, ignoring all stories which highlight their duplicitous behavior and those who want to know what happened, the facts are all there, but the FBI and DOJ have no intention of cleaning house. So I am not expecting many if any meaningful prosecutions.


Mr. Stone was charged with seven counts, including obstruction of an official proceeding, making false statements and witness tampering, according to the special counsel’s office.


Looks like they’re all procedure charges, as usual.



Time to pack our stuff, guys. He’ll never recover from this.


There has literally been such a headline every week for the past two and a half years in at least one Democrat media website. Regular as rain. (my theory is that it keeps the Democrats’ spirits up and wallets open - after all HuffPo has had some financial problems lately)

I don’t even pay attention these days.


You mean you paid attention to HuffPo in the past!?! :grin:


This is fun.


Dead? There are still people who say the Earth is flat.


Was that guy ever NOT 80 years old?


Next week will be interesting, no matter what you think about the investigation.