The Mueller investigations thread


No one, literally no one in their right mind would describe Donald John Trump as “clean”.


He still hasn’t even made public his tax records lol.


Clean as in making sure he did things by the book.
He is way behind the Clinton clan when it comes to ‘dirty’.


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The investigation is ongoing, so we don’t know yet if he’s “clean” or not. To date some of his associates have been found to be dirty to different degree, but we don’t know for sure yet what’s up with Donald.


That’s what they all say.

Until they get tenure. Then they can get away with admitting they don’t.


It’s all about the basis of comparison.

Sixty or seventy years ago, a guy like Trump would never have stood a chance. Adlai Stevenson could have beaten him.

Now, all the other politicians are good for is making The Donald look good by comparison.