The Mueller investigations thread


Or maybe not…


Well, Cohen’s testimony will be interesting… an interesting week ahead anyway. :no_mouth:


It’s been pretty obvious for a while there was never any pony under there.

I saw a fifty-fifty probability split between two possibilities. What happened was one of them. The other was that the investigation would conclude with no report at all.

So… what happens now? Will Bubbette go to jail?

Still trying…


In a million years, who’s gonna care?

Hoping this turns out to be an extinction event for some parts of the political establishment.


I think a spell in prison for you mr. Comey , would also give you some more perspective .


He might be too big to jail. But this is way bigger than just him.






The krassenbergerstein brothers are the cancer of Twitter.


Looks like the Democrats have found a way to avoid poop flinging. :confounded:

I think they’ll move the goalposts in this direction: insisting on disclosing even top secret portions of the report. They’ll insist that not releasing the report in full is the equivalent of releasing none of it. Should keep their cognitive dissonance from going poof! and rational thought from (finally) setting in.

So while it would have been hugely entertaining to watch the particular brand of poop flinging only Democrats are capable of, I don’t think it’s on the menu we’ll get in about 20 hours hence.

We will hear a lot about the accessibility of the information in the Mueller report. The idea is to demand a level of access and transparency that is impossible to attain, then to create a hypothetical scenario wherein any redaction or withholding of such material is an injustice worthy of protest and suspicion.

Presto: you’ve guaranteed a grievance you can unleash like a squirrel running across a highway when you find yourself in the uncomfortable position of having to respond to the factual reality of the Mueller conclusions.

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The only way they can sleep at night. It’s actually impressive how much of the kool aid these supposed intellectually superior, well educated people have downed.

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I agree.

Thing is, this gives them a golden opportunity to pivot their approach to Trump, and make that pivot with minimal cost. As people have pointed out for more than two years now, the Democrats need to take President Trump seriously, and drop their tunnel-vision focus on Trump the (highly flawed) human being.

Their salvation lies in governing responsibly and not rising to Trump’s bait, in treating him as if he’s a rational, highly intelligent President even during the times when he’s obviously not.

The Mueller report has given them the perfect opportunity to start over. Even though it was released late Friday evening - giving Democrats the whole weekend to digest the implications - I don’t think Democrats will take the pristine path forward Mueller has given them. I honestly don’t think they even see their escape route.


I’m not sure he gave them a pristine path. I read Barr’s letter of summary of the report which said with regards obstruction that Mueller neither exonerated nor indicted Trump and his associates leaving that up to the AG to decide. Barr went on to note that both he and the AAG concluded there wasn’t sufficient evidence to secure a conviction.

Democrats will read into that there is indeed some meat in the full report and will push for that no doubt. I’m sure the intent was to continue to keep the pressure up with more trump investigations but I think they are keeping an eye on public opinion too. I don’t think the Democrats are stupid, I think they are well aware that significant blow back from the public could be catastrophic for them in 2020.


Doesn’t matter, frankly.

Americans know that Mueller’s assignment was to determine if Trump colluded illegally with Russia during the runup to the 2016 election. Even if Trump obstructed justice (if) then trying to impeach him on those charges is tantamount to the same kind of gotcha that got Clinton impeached - which was for perjury (much more serious than obstruction) and is something no American wants to go through again, Democrats included.

Democrats should go ahead with investigating obstruction of justice, just because it’s the right thing to do for the nation. But they should realize that impeachment has now been rendered politically impossible, and will only make their position worse in 2020.

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You can count on democrats to do the wrong thing, be tone deaf and fuck it up.

Then run out a ticket to appease the virtue-signalers.

Only a third ticket Romney Bush tag team can save us now.

Our country’s fate is in the hands of two guys (named Jeb and Mitt :roll_eyes:) and the hopes that they can run interference (sans Ruskies) on an election.



Some of them are talking that way. But they’d have to be really desperate. Full disclosure is a doomsday device for swamp dwellers. If they even think it’s in their own best interest, it’s because they’ve lost all self awareness.

Me, I’m all for it. Let the bastards destroy themselves.


Fark is not taking this with good grace…