The Muzha Redemption

Two animal escape artists managed to vanish from the Taipei City Zoo at Muzha this year. One is an anteater named Red, who just became a new mom. The other one is a three legged Formosan leopard cat, named Flyfly.

Red managed to escape 3 months ago, carrying her baby girl Mungbean on her back, and leaped over the fence. Mungbean was soon found abandoned in a drainage pipe. During the 3 months where Red was missing, the Zoo ones released a statement saying they don’t think an anteater could tolerate Taiwan’s winter temperatures outside, and they didn’t expect Red to make it. Luckily, Red was spotted by a hiker in Shenkeng last weekend, and the zoo was able to reunite the mother and daughter.

Similarly, Feifei pulled an Houdini 2 and a half weeks ago. She was discovered with serious injuries this June in the wild, and the doctor had to amputate one of her leg. She was sent to the Taipei zoo because they deemed it not safe to release her back in the wild.

She dug a hole into the fake rocks, and presumably survived by capturing rodents for 2 weeks. Just 4 days after Red was brought back into the zoo, they were able to recapture Feifei using a trap.

So… why so many escapists at the Taipei zoo?


I don’t know, but it could also explain why it is half empty.

or someone mistook it for domestic cats and took it?

I would also try to escape if I were in prison.


The call of the wild? Taipei Zoo is pretty nice as zoos go…

That crafty Orange one… :yum:

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