The mysterious origins of an uncrackable video game


I love it! :crazy_face:

This is why hoarding is good. Ignore Marie K and keep thousands of notebooks lying around! :notebook_with_decorative_cover:

And then there’s this one:

I thought they had already acknowledged it (after initially denying it back in the day). In any case, it makes me wonder how much it would have cost to store them in a warehouse for a few decades… :ponder:

Good story on there, but very misleading title: “cracking a Video game” clearly refers to circumventing some kind of copy protection. Instead, the article is about reverse engineering the maze creation algorithm used in this game.

The authors seem to be unable to make any sense of one “mildly genious” step in there, which ensures reliably navigable mazes being created procedurally. The code piece involves a small matrix of pre-defined values, which was allegedly created while drunk. These specific values work well for the task, but it seems hard to explain how they were chosen.


Only to people familiar with video game culture.

Hmmm… What does it mean to a layman, then? Maybe cracking code (as in breaking a cypher)… yeah you’re right, likely that the author used it in such a way, while oblivious that for anyone interested in video games it has a distinct meaning.

Either way, thanks a lot for digging up that article!

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