The mystery of the invading birds has a fatal conclusion

Well, it has been a while since any birds have invaded our balcony. Last evening I spotted this as I was busy doing housework:

I’ll get him later, I thought to myself, as the cats never bother to even look at the birds that somehow -against all common sense- penetrate our perimeter by squeezing between the mosquito netting or climbing up the AC vents -I guess, haven’t figured that one out.

Lo and behold, I was too late.

Not a drop of blood or bite marks or scratches. I think he saw the four cats and had a heart attack.

Worse, there was another tangled in my clean bed sheets -of course. He cannot fly -tried to release him outside… almost fell into the welcoming arms of a stray cat. I don’t think he will make it.

maybe the latter’s wing’s injured?

Again, nothing visible.

Oh, and this time there were a lot of feathers all around the balcony, the room, the living room… never heard a thing.

Sorry to inform that the second one was also found stiff and cold. An autopsy will be carried out to determine cause of death.

Friggin cats.

The cats are letting them in!

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What hurts my heart is that they are so cute and I think they are Japanese white eyes, which makes them rare or endangered or protected or something!

No, they’re light-vented bulbuls. Nothing endangered about them, except in the vicinity of your living room :slight_smile:

I still feel guilty as hell. I do think they got scared and died from internal injuries sustained in panic hitting against the walls while trying to break out of the balcony. I mean, they have no scratches, no bite marks, no blood.

Got a bunch of them outside my window as well. Still, sad to see them have heart attacks.

Got a bunch of them outside my window as well. Still, sad to see them have heart attacks.[/quote]

They sing quite loudly, too.

Every morning, we have this chorus of doves, these little birds and some other larger ones right against the balcony. The cats no longer find them interesting, unless the doves get too close on the power lines…

So I come home ultra tired, all I want is my bed. Feed the troops, change into jammies and head to my bedroom. Lo and behold, when I reach out to turn on the air purifier, my foot bumps into something: the bloody and mangled carcass of what had been in life a beautiful bulbul.

As I pick him up, I notice the bed spread is missing. It is lying on the floor. At the head of the bed, the pillows are no longer in place, and the whole bed is littered with feathers and sprinkled with blood.

So I have to make the whole bed again with clean sheets and covers. Sigh.

Feliz primavera. Welcome Spring!


I once had to fight off two cats and an excited dog to rescue an injured bird, get it in a shoebox and take it to the vet.
They put it down because it wasn’t native.

I live in what sometimes feels like an aviary. A couple months ago I went to the rooftop and found about ten dead little birds stashed away by a local feline.

But at least they let you live :wink:

actually this is better not posted

Meant to be a reference at the way us “ non natives “ can be treated sometimes :pensive:

Oh yeah, I just posted something that could get me in the gulag so I unposted it

Stay positive and press on :slightly_smiling_face:

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