The Nail in The Relationship Coffin?

My female has been dating a guy for a couple of years now. They fight constantly, he’s too busy working to see her, and she has cheated on him (I figure she was feeling neglected).

He’s hit the bottle and the squabbling has got worse. We’ve talked about it and she figures she should stick by him, thick or thin.

There’s this other fella that really fancies her, cares about her and would part oceans for her. She admits she fancies him herself.

As a third party, how would you help drive the final nails in the coffin of their relationship. So she can free herself up to be with the other fella?

Or is it none of my business? I should just support her in her times of trouble?

Your advice and comments please…

Dude, or dudette, it is not even your fucking business. :slight_smile:

Stay out of it. Later on, she may blame you for getting her out of a crappy but stable relationship.

Is this a typo or have you had a relationship with this female? I take it as a typo.

Leave well alone and let it run its course.

Unfortunately she has made it your business, but the “driving the nail in” should not be done by you. Don’t involve yourself.

MYOB :wink:

The advise I got from a good friend once, “It is entertaining to watch other people screw up in slow motion.”

Which is exactly what this situation sounds like. Just get the popcorn, offer advise to re-enforce the fact your friend is a self empowered individual and you will support her no matter what decision she makes, then enjoy yourself.

If it works out, this drama could last years, and you be saved from watching TV or reading books for entertainment during this time. :smiling_imp:

Why do I get the feeling that there is no third party and that “this other fella that really fancies her, cares about her and would part oceans for her” is none other than yourself?

And that the “nail and coffin” is a creepy metaphor.

Hey Bob, isn’t CREEPY a great word?

I just used it the other day to talk about child fondlers.

There shold be a “brrrr shivering yuk” emoticon

Personally, I think it’s none of your business. She needs to make her own decision. Otherwise, as someone else mentioned, she may blame you later on. Also, if she hasn’t already realized that her relationship isn’t positive, what makes you think you can drive the final nail in the coffin?

she cheated, maybe she feels guilty. as for putting up with shit, she cheated. no offence she deserves it if she wants to do that. as for what a freind can do, be a friend. ask her what would make her happy since her happiness is what counts. if being with a different guy would make her happier, then suggest she do that.

I’d wager that the intuitive Rubicon has hit the coffin nail on the head.

So go on, Dirt, do all in your power to prove you’re a much better proposition than the other guy, nail him good and proper, dispatch him from her life, and make her all yours for ever and ever. And the best of luck to you in undertaking the snuffing out of their relationship!

By god that’s creepy. Or is the co-dependant aspect of my personality acting up again?

I could only identify one other female who posted on this…
As the guys say, I have to back them up MYOB. The best advice I ever got was :

Let grown folks be grown and never break up a fight between a man and his woman.

This relationship isn’t sucky for her. She probably enjoys the drama of it all, thinking like that like the TV show dramas, he’s gonna come around and they will go off in to the sunset together with a stronger bond :loco: :loco: . She gets something out of this,as does he. They probably are modelling their relationship on their parents. But whatever is the reason, [color=darkred]stay out of it[/color], or you will see that hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. :astonished:

Come on, like Rubicon said, there’s no-one else involved here. The OP is the other guy. It’s obvious.

OP, if she’s serious about wanting to be with yo- I mean “that other guy”, she’ll dump the boyfriend. It’s that easy. The only nails to be hammered in are here telling the bf to piss off. If she’s not willing to do that for yo- that other guy, then she’s not serious about it, and that’s all there is to it.

Or if you really have to, why not be a man and go punch that other guys lights out and tell him to stop f**king around with your female? :laughing: