The Naked Hiker

what happened to this thread? i originally started a thread like this an hour ago, it was quickly taken down, no reason given. so i start again. damn censors. what gives? it turns out that this story is NOW on FRONT PAGE of the fcuking NY Times and the mods censor me.? WHY?

go to and look!

COMMENTS? DOESN’T ANYONE CARE THAT SOMEONE IS CENSORING OUR POSTS WITHOUT OUR KNOWLEDGE? see below as to how this thread was kidnapped and robbed by whom i don’t know. he or she will surface eventually, they all do! he he.

it was posted about 20 minutes ago, now erased. why? is there a policy about no posts about naked people in the UK? Or did I do something wrogn again? Probably… Gee, somebody is upTIGHT somewhere tonight, I guess, jeez…

it was about a cool dude in UK hiking the island nation naked. was featured in apple daily here too, with a pic. why can’t we discuss this and offer him our support?

censorship ? or panic buttoning again?

LATER: oh , now i see the word NAKEd is highlighted in yellow. This must mean that posts that lead to websites that show a grown adult man hiking naked (no pecker shots so far) in nature as part of a worldwide event, cannot be posted here? Is that it? OMIGHOD!

For what it is worth, here’s the LINK again, news only, no naked photos here, although if you follow the LINK to another hot link, you fill find Steve’s DIY website. what is there to be afraid of and why was the original post deleted? so strange, gus? … iker_x.htm

Arrests don’t deter niked walker crossing Britain


I doubt it was deleted, edited at the most, even if it was, what does it have to do anyone here ? There are better places to post and read about this.
Do you pick up every news story you see and comment on it ? How many of your threads have had anything to do with Taiwan ? Not very many.
Can’t you keep still for one minute ? :laughing:
Oh, and don’t PM me.

Big Fluffy, it was DELETED. I posted it, gave it a headline, and ten minutes later it was deleted, disappeared. I did a search for it, thinking maybe they had placed it somewhere else, maybe on an earlier thread. No, it was completely REMOVED, fluffy. If that does not ALARM you, then you are a happy camper and please have a good night. SMILE.

This is about Taiwan, fluffbud. Censorship in Taiwan is doubly terrible given that the White Terror is just over. And the Naked story is about Taiwan, too, as u would have seen if you had read my original post.

No, i don;t post everything i read about here. Just one or two a month. I am a good boy now.

Maybe it was taken down because i mentioned the sacrosanct word sandman and his buddies took it down for that reason? weird? sandman is my friend. scotland rocks!

[quote]LATER: oh , now I see the word NAKEd is highlighted in yellow. This must mean that posts that lead to websites that show a grown adult man hiking naked (no pecker shots so far) in nature as part of a worldwide event, cannot be posted here? Is that it? OMIGHOD! [/quote]Sigh… I’m not even going to tell what the yellow means. You’ve already read between the lines and you know that the yellow means it will be deleted, right ? I know what the yellow means, and I know what the mods will and will not do. You do not. Which makes me wonder if you even pressed ‘submit’. Did you see it after you posted it ? I didn’t think so …
People did reply to the theads you made, so I shouldn’t complain about them too much. But the man in the story was not Taiwanese, neither did it happen in Taiwan.

Big fluffy, you the wrong: "Which makes me wonder if you even pressed ‘submit’. Did you see it after you posted it ? I didn’t think so … "

Big fluffy, read my lips: I posted it, i pressed submit, i read it over after it was “published” and then 10 minutes later it was deleted completely. Now explain how that happened. Don’t assume. I am telling you i wrote it, submitted it, saw it posted, saw it not there later. and nobody has had the decency to PM privately and tell me why they did it. There was not reason. Why not admit they made a mistake. I would do the same. I always admit my mistakes. Sometimes.

What is the NY Times doing promoting the wanderings of some naked nut?

He also wound up in a psychiatric hospital near Selkirk, Scotland, after the police were unsure what to do with him. He was thankful, in a way, because it gave him a chance to warm up, drink some tea, floss his teeth, chat with a "young, attractive doctor" and gorge on sandwiches.
How funny. I guess it is nice to take a break from crusading against some part of civilization to warm up a bit, floss your teeth, drink tea, socialize, before going back to the grind of showing everyone the advantages and attractions of nudity.

Cold Front, that’s exactly why i thot this story was worth posting and commenting on here. Glad you got a laugh from it. Now, onward with this thread.

Shirley you can’t be censored for saying ‘nekkid’? I’ve seen and used much worse words here. In fact I have the word in my signature.

You must have done something else.

let’s find out. I think the mod who deleted it is embarrassed to admit it. no big deal. but weird to have done it. no, TMWC, i did nothing untoward, except say hello to sandman in scotland, but that’s okay too, I think.

i think she just pushed the delete button my mistake. her bad.

anway, to get back on track…it is amazing that the New york Times would devote a full half of its front page, below the fold, to this story, with a naked photo too! I mean talk about free PR. Most movie stars or authors would die for this. And this guy, Steve, is just walking around naked. After the Times front page treatment, though, it is entirely possible he will get a movie or TV deal to film the story of his … trek.

Cool. More power to him

I’m waiting for the Taipei Times fullpage spread of this guy on Saturday or Sunday. Anybody wanna bet? We can form a pool… {I LOST THE POOL, nathc]

Formosa, to effectively link this story to Taiwan, why don’t you emulate the fellow and hike around this island in the altogether? Maybe it could be your ticket to celebrity. Take a couple of pole-dancers with you likewise attired, and I’ll stand at the wayside to cheer.

Omni, okay, I am taking you up on this dare. Good idea, and yes, maybe my instant entry into the 15 minutes of fame club. ANd then at least this post will have some Taiwan relevance as you said.

Okay, first I am gonna take a leave of absence for two weeks from my teaching stuff in tamshui and keelung. already done. I will leave in the middle of the week, starting off from CKS Mem Hall area with my backpack covering up me privates for the culturally conservative newspapers that will follow me, if they come to the press conner.

I am going to wear sandals, though, okay, omni? Sandals and a kind of Aborigine style loin cloth, so as not to get arrested. Itinerary is Taipeit to Taoyuan, Toayuan to Hsinchi, hskichi to Taichungm, tiachung to CHanghua, Chuiabngua to Tounan, Tounan to Tainan, Taian to Kaohsiiung. Give me 15 days. Watch the papers. I begin this Wedder. will post here as time allows. pix too.

How do i contac the AP or UPI or even the taipei Times newsies? Do i just call them or send a real press release? I don’t know how. any advicne on media contacts?

okay, let’s roll, boys. thanks, omni,a nd as i pass by , how will i know it’s you. waer a red hat or something. over and out, Fmosa

Maybe Laverne did it. :laughing:

Maybe Laverne did it. :laughing:

Well let me be Frank about it… Frank Drebbin. Police Squad. [no picture :frowning: