The narratives about Antifa thread

Lots of videos from DC today with these pussies picking out one or two Trump fans - sucker punching them beating them with their army faction behind them to back them up. They are bullies. Detestable.
I would love to see them try it on with some English football hooligans. They would cry and run for the police they hate.

Antifa attack an interracial couple in front of their kids and end up hurting a 9 year old girl. Absolute scum.

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I’ve watched it twice and it’s six of one and half a dozen of the other.

Similar personality types with what they believe to be diametrically opposing viewpoints. It’s inevitable that things will kick off.

The couple at the end trying to show possible head injuries was pathetic, but predictable.

It’s similar to IP here. People are screaming at themselves.

If a kid ends up on the floor crying, I’d say it’s pretty obvious who is at fault…

The irony of a landwhale wearing a Black Lives Matter shirt encouraging the beating of an interracial family including a couple of mixed race kids.

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It’s no longer ironic. It’s similar personality traits with no self-awareness. People don’t get it, and I think they’re no longer going to. But, I could be wrong.

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Everyone talking about Antifa… meanwhile that rightwing militia in Michigan who conspired to kidnap their governor also wanted to take over their statehouse and start publicly executing all Democratic office holders on live TV like a hillbilly ISIS.

That’s the same “rightwing militia” that also wanted to execute Trump on live TV, so unsure about the characterization. I think “disturbed group of Michiganders” is likely more accurate.

Pivoting slightly, I think the Dem prediction that if Biden, then antifa/BLM violence would end was indeed laughable.


The Wolverine Watchmen and the Boogaloo movement they belong to are as rightwing as you can get.

Then Trump isn’t close to being as rightwing as you think, because they also threatened to assassinate Trump.

I don’t think Trump is very right wing at all, so imo it’s most likely this group of Michiganders is just disturbed.

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A malignant narcissist has no political allegiance whatsoever other than to himself and his own success. The far right just proved to be the perfect vehicle to do that. Spend a week listening to conservative AM radio and you’ll have it down pat. Immigrants are taking your jobs, liberals are all lazy, Democrats want to confiscate your guns and this all being funded by George Soros.

See even I could run for president?

People who naturally gravitate towards conspiracies to simplify and make sense of an overly complex world are easily manipulated. He had no such luck running as a democrat in 2000.

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Reform Party, wasn’t it?

Oops yes Reform party. Funny one of his main platforms was universal healthcare. Imagine that? What a socialist.

The “men in black” strike another blow for racial justice in Wonderland.

The driver told Portland police he dropped someone off downtown and traveled past a candlelight vigil at Pioneer Courthouse Square. He reported seeing about seven men crossing the street near the square. He slowed his car and then stopped to let the group pass, according to police.

The driver told police that once he stopped, a man wearing all black started yelling at him through a closed window. He reported the man then jumped onto the car, smashing its windshield.

A 7-year-old in the backseat of the car was terrified, according to police. The driver reported the man who smashed his windshield walked off with friends and laughed.

A group of men were walking in the street at night, and one of them smashed a windshield so he must have been antifa protesting racial injustice. Actually, I think I saw that guy before, after a hockey game- or was it a football game? Or walking from bar to bar?


lol, you and stormy both

Y’all Qaeda for you.

I doubt @cake gives a toss what you say. You are both screaming into a cave. If it gives you a buzz, that’s cool.

EDIT: Shit. I just assumed it was @cake. I do apologise, old chap.

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Anyone here actually from the PNW? I lived in Portland for 7 years as a young(er) adult.
Still have close, politically active friends there. Antifacists do not go around starting fights. Their purpose is to show up when actual threats like right wing militants- whatever the flavor of the week is- show up in their communities- to show them that their hatred is not welcome in this city. The black bloc clothing is to protect identity because if you are actually a witness to citizen and independent journalism, you will find that the police, including the corrupt PPB, are in a quite comfortable relationship with these hate groups (for a recent high profile case consider Kyle Rittenhouse who murdered two people in cold blood and went home free that night, and now in some circles is being portrayed as some form of freedom fighter). Also, if you reader are of a more traditional or conservative mindset and do not trust the mainstream media, know you are in good company with respect to the MSM. May I suggest viewing the recordings and writing from the people who are there in person?

Do not be mistaken, a group of heavily armed men don’t drive into Portland just for “free speech” or “muh second amendment”. They are making a statement, and that statement is white supremacy is alive and well. “You will not replace us” in Charlottesville. I’m new to forumosa and I look forward to hearing your takes. Just come prepared :slight_smile:

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Is Dem a user or are you referring to the political party? Because I agree that is a foolish assessment of the situation. Antifascist action will continue as long as there are fascists in America who feel emboldened enough to come out in public, a.k.a. the situation the country is in currently. Antifa is old, been around fighting since the Weimar Republic. The BLM movement has gained national visibility, which is a positive first step. The BLM movement could be quelled quite easily actually, if the state were willing to concede to some pretty basic and humane requests really, such as an end to mandatory minimums for petty theft or drug charges, an end to the over-policing of black communities, increased police accountability and re-training in conflict de-escalation and dealing with people in mental health crises, and most importantly an end to the extra-judicial murder of black human beings at the hands of wanton law enforcement officers.

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