The narratives about Antifa thread

same. it warms my heart to see racists get punched in the face.


Sucker punch a guy from the side and still fail to put him down?

EDIT: I’ve looked at it again and it’s even more embarrassing. Incredibly pathetic and cowardly with no result.

Antifascism is always good. Fascism is always bad. This isn’t rocket science.


But what if antifa and leftists are the ones killing more people, and just hiding behind a clever moniker, and only the brightest minds can see through the charade?

President Donald Trump has accused far-left groups of inciting riots and violence, but in the last 25 years, no murders in the US have been linked to anti-fascists, while 329 murders have been linked to the far-right, according to new research.

Researchers at a think tank called the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) assembled a database of almost 900 politically motivated plots and attacks in the US since 1994, ending in May 2020, which was reviewed by The Guardian.

The review found that only one person’s death in that period was linked to “antifa,” a leaderless movement dedicated to combatting right-wing and white supremacist groups, and the person who died was the attacker.

When the review widened its category from antifa to “left-wing violence,” it found 21 victims had been killed since 2010, compared to 117 people killed in right-wing violence, in the same time period. Jihadist groups were responsible for 95 people’s deaths since 2010.



It sounds like you’ve been on twitter, but as we know, nobody on forumosa uses twitter and they will tell you about how they’ve never heard of the beegee boys, etc. :wink:

:shushing_face: :shushing_face: :shushing_face:

yeah that’s why they resorted to throwing milkshakes on fascists and racists. andy ngo actually got milk-shaked pretty good last year, i know a lot of people here are super hard for the guy, so seeing him covered in milkshake might just be too hot :hot_face:


Spencer is an operative.
Works for CNN. Backed Biden.
You are being played like all of us.

Cake everybody :clap: :clap: :clap:


Hahaha, what to be use for sources in his book? He’ll just reference his Twitter feed :rofl:

You’re making the Dems sound waaaaay smarter than they really are here, @cake

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For anyone who forgot

And this… He was fired for making stuff up and cried censorship. What a joke


It isn’t the Dems, they’re sock puppets. It’s the hidden hand.

Of course! The hidden hand.

What was I thinking?


It’s really embarrassing and weird IMO.

thanks for bringing up the shakening of ngo, i was too lazy to look it up myself. milkshake is the new glitterbomb.

Or perhaps they have heard of them but feel the jury is out on them and they’re not jumping to conclusions one way or another. :ok_hand: That means ok.

playing dumb and being dumb are equally dumb in my book, but better than having a factually grounded argument i guess.

i love this gesture and it p*sses me off that the white supremacist chuds took it from me.

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It’s funny how they’re proud the fact they can signal with this is like the peak of their power.


aoc confirmed deepstate white supremacist soros bill gates corporatocracy child eating pizza gate provacateur blahblahblah