The narratives about Trump thread.


They seem to be prejudiced against dark people.

What have goths ever done to them?


Mick, I’m not familiar with the legal definition of lobbying in the US, but I think Tempo is correct that there is a legal definition.

You could ask how can a worker and an employee not be the same thing? (In Taiwan they usually are, but the exceptions matter.)

Or how can wage and salary not be the same thing? (In Taiwan they are, but a bonus may or may not be, depending on the circumstances.)

Or how can you be old enough to X but not old enough to Y?

The answer in each case will refer to laws and regulations. So, is there a legal argument that CNN or whichever entity both needs to register and has failed to register as a lobbyist? If they stop using the word dark, does that exempt them from the requirement? :thinking:


Well, the narrative has moved on, although so far without the usual Democrats. Of the five stages, they’re stuck deep on denial, possibly terminally. This news makes Sinclair Broadcast Group (they of the teeny revenue) appear prescient.

Note that the headline reports Mueller has said Trump is not the target of a criminal investigation, but the first sentence insists the headline is mere speculation, that Trump is in fact still the target of a criminal investigation. Makes Sinclair look like a public servant by comparison.


He’s under political investigation. They’ve been plotting to impeach him since before he took office. But they need cover, or else there will be an electoral backlash in 2020.

The impeachment trail of Bubba almost gave us president Gore of the Lower Chakra.


Which I accept. lobbyists perform another function from journalists. Of course.

My analogy was lamb and mutton, because there are legal definitions for both of these too, but doesn’t stop people trying to pass off mutton as lamb.

Without touching on the subject of fake news, I hope. When journalists avoid certain topics, and when they distort something related it becomes clear they are promoting an agenda, when they lie, when they know the truth but have a political agenda.

What do you call it, propaganda? Lobbying for certain interests?


Sorry Mick, I just spent the whole day reading a certain country’s laws & regulations. I’m not about to spend my leisure time doing the same for the US. But if I did, I would probably show you a clear enough distinction. :slight_smile:


It’s all First Amendment stuff.

The only trouble with lying is when people believe the liars. If everyone lies, the lies will all cancel out.

The right to petition doesn’t mean much when the powers that be aren’t listening. The vote counts for a good deal more. You can’t make them listen, but you can make them no longer the powers that be.

I think the Founding Fathers would be appalled at registering journalists or lobbyists. They saw journalism and lobbying as acts of citizens, not as social classes or even necessarily professions.

But remember, voters vastly outnumber both the registered lobbyists and the established press. The journalist class manipulates the voters, and the lobbyists class manipulates their elected representatives. But the buck stops with the voters who let themselves be manipulated.

Destroy the journalism cartel and the lobbyists won’t matter any more, because the government will listen to the people or else be replaced.

And the mainstream media is slowly dying. The 2016 election was a slap in their face, and they know it. They’re not taking it well, but how would you feel if you knew you were being killed? Bad people are people too, you know. Even evil villains don’t want to die.


No worries, for the most part I think we are talking past each other. I could say sometimes security guards here in Taiwan act like traffic police. Wouldn’t mean I don’t know the distinction between security guards and a traffic police. Although it sometimes annoys me the way they act.

Where we agree, is that journalists have bias, that’s to be expected and has always been the case. What I have noticed with some channels and some newspapers, is more than bias over the past decade, it is better described perhaps as activism.

Has it always been there and I failed to notice? Perhaps. I would say, I don’t think it has ever been more pronounced than it is right now though.


This is why everyone who uses Facebook should check their account settings now.

Facebook also owns WhatsApp. If you have that and the Facebook app on your phone, then Facebook knows the details of every message you’ve ever sent via WhatsApp. Of course it’s possible that others do, too.

Facebook said Wednesday that “malicious actors” took advantage of search tools on its platform, making it possible for them to discover the identities and collect information on most of its 2 billion users worldwide.

… the abuse of Facebook’s search tools – now disabled – happened far more broadly and over the course of several years, with few Facebook users likely escaping the scam, company officials acknowledged.

Hackers also abused Facebook’s account recovery function, by pretending to be legitimate users who had forgotten account details. Facebook’s recovery system served up names, profile pictures and links to the public profiles themselves. This tool could also be blocked in privacy settings.

Names, phone numbers, email addresses and other personal information amount to critical starter kits for identity theft and other malicious online activity, experts on Internet crime say. The Facebook hack allowed bad actors to tie raw data to people’s real identities and build fuller profiles of them.


Account settings don’t mean shit. It’s like those buttons in elevators that aren’t connected to anything.

I’m not even sure “deleting” a Facebook account will make things go away. But we can stop giving away more of our privacy, fairly easily. Now that it’s the cool thing to do, there’s no longer much of a downside to non-participation.


I think you can delete a FB account, but it’s not easy and it takes time. You might have to take time to go through and store images, for example. You might face some hassle from Facebook.

But I think you’re right: deleting your FB account doesn’t mean FB hasn’t already stored the info in it. And if you delete your account you may be giving up any control whatsoever to it.

The only thing you can be sure of is that Facebook won’t be privy to any new personal information. To be really free you may have to change your phone numbers and even move house.


Of course it has. What’s changed over the years is the standards of what’s acceptable and what isn’t, but that works in multiple ways and in multiple spheres, not just politics.


Journalists having bias has been going on for hundreds of years.

** It was the first conflict in which military action was precipitated by media involvement.**


Conflicting reports, first there were saying the Swiss lab confirmed UK analysis. Now it’s being reported it was not Russian made Novichok, but BZ toxin which is not a product of Russia, but one stockpiled in the UK, US and NATO.

Someone has some explaining to do.


Now if she was Russian…:shushing_face:



Amused by this American Lady posting a scenario on a UK Newspaper site

"Here is how it’s going to come down…Trump gets Impeached. Pence becomes President.
Pence pardons Trump and appoints him as Vice-President. Then Pence resigns. Trump becomes President and appoints Pence as his Vice-President…Dems heads explode! LOL


That would be epic!


Wondering if double jeopardy applies to impeachment.


Yeah, that’d be hilarious.

Just because we’re all having so much fun…

Buy guys guys guys guys, it’s okay. $4500 of the announced payments were to a different Michael Cohen! So, jeez, it’s almost like the other $4+ million that we currently know about isn’t a big deal.