The narratives about Trump thread.


He’s clearly finished. He’ll never recover from this.


Billy Bob may be a piece of work but in the ongoing saga of Billy Bob vs the Swamp Creatures I’m ashamed to admit that it’s hard not to root for Billy Bob at least a little bit.


Exactly. Now you’re talking sense!


For those of you watching the movie about hookers and sleazy “Better Call Saul” type of lawyers, a quick update on the other movie.

We know Senator Nunes has been trying to figure out what was the reason they issued a FISA warrant on Carter Page, part of it was an unverified and salacious dossier, BUT they claimed there was another source, just no one was allowed to see it, not even top oversight at congress. Well, they still haven’t shown Congress the original, but it seems to appear the FBI had someone to spy on the Trump campaign. All very sketchy.

The relevance is, if this person was spying on the Trump campaign prior to George Papadopoulos meeting with the Australian Ambasador, which was when they claimed to have initiated a counter intelligence case, why was this guy spying on the Trump campaign and feeding back information to the FBI.

At least that is one question, opens the door to a whole bunch of questions.


This whole thing is getting so murky, it’s hard to keep track of all the new developments.

But I love Mike Cohen’s suits and would love to figure out where he buys them and if they come in XXXL.


Some of those blazers are pretty damn sharp. Probably above our pay grade though.








VICE??? Did Russian hackers take control of their offices??? What’s going on, I can’t literally even!


They had a nice one for the Mother’s Day weekend show. It even managed to be funny without Alec!


How are Scott’s anti-predictions turning out?


Thank god Clinton didn’t get elected to destabilize the Middle East. Now we have peace in Syria and Palestine too.



China influenced the result of the elections!1!

Now that’s true innovation!


Huh? I don’t honestly get the joke. I thought I read that article. Don’t remember even that insinuation being made.


It’s just a matter of time. The Russia nonsense turned out to be a dud and the media needs to find some other narrative. This kind of news is exactly what would fuel speculations and tinfoil hat theories on social media.


But the solution is so simple. Trump could simply divest his Trump Organization holdings (something he should have done when taking office). This stinks. I think most would agree.


Oh no, more conflicts of interest, colluding with Russians and non disclosure of exculpatory information to various courts, plus possibly Mueller/FBI acting illegally.


Keep in mind that Solomon’s been relegated to “Opinion Pieces” like that, I assume because he has a fairly tenuous connection with the truth. Don’t get too excited.