The narratives about Trump thread.


Emphasis added mine.

You may assume that if you wish (got some examples of his dishonest reporting?), the MSM has hardly a stellar record with objectivity over the past few years either. I think it was MSNBC spent a total of 30 seconds covering the N.K prisoner release recently. Some things they don’t like go where less people see them.


Fair enough, but literally at the top of that article: “THE VIEWS EXPRESSED BY CONTRIBUTORS ARE THEIR OWN AND NOT THE VIEW OF THE HILL”. They’re not going to stand by him or the piece. Again: don’t get your hopes up.


You skepticism is not misplaced, reporting is awful all round from all sides these days. The reporter was on the The Ingraham Angle yesterday, mentions his sources too, @3.30 mark. The Russian himself, the Russians lawyer and the 3 FBI agents. You decide for yourself,

For me it’s just amusing as Mueller seems to be having a hard time lately in the courts and just the possibility it is true tickles my fancy.


Sacrilege! :astonished:

Next they’ll be giving little or no attention to rocket launches!

Random prisoners no-one’s ever heard of being repatriated isn’t what sells. Scandals in the vein of Otto Warmbier – that’s what sells. Who the president is makes no real difference for these purposes.


Weird. My six-year-old is more logical.



In the game of persuasion, you appeal to emotion, not logic.


I agree that is totally lacking in logic. I mean the logic on display above is akin to saying no there was no hanky-panky with the porn star, and then paying the girl $130,000 to stay silent. (Okay, it’s not really like that but it’s still fun to say. $130,000 for sex. Worse than the Iran deal, if you ask me.)


Depends on the quality of the sex…

Free market, yo!


Stormy Daniels would have to pay me for sex. There’s no accounting for taste.

Well, at least it didn’t put large wads of cash in the hands of terrorists (unless you consider Stormy a terrorist).


I realize the term terrorist is used pretty loosely these days. Pretty much anyone who shoots back or resists being occupied falls under the current definition of terrorist. I’m drawing a blank when it comes to Iranian suicide bombers or Iranians perpetrating attacks on civilians in the U.S. or Europe though. Clearly I’ve missed something. Can you spare a minute to bring me up to speed?


Sure. Obama air mails pallets of cash to Mullahs, Mullahs give cash to Hezbollah, Hezbollah “gets its terrorist on.”


So more like terrorist middlemen then. That explains why I was having trouble coming up with an example of an Iranian suicide bomber, mass murderer, hijacker etc. Most actual terrorists seem to come from countries that are America’s allies in the Middle East.


Never get your hands dirty. This is rule number one for mob bosses. The Mullahs may be a lot of things, but stupid isn’t one of them.


Hamas could learn something from them. Going on tv or making public appearances saying:“Kill the Jews” isn’t particularly subtle.


Kind of like drone strikes. Wipe out an entire wedding party half way around the world and then go home for a pleasant dinner in the backyard.


Hey, I have a great idea…let’s go lob tiny rockets at the superpower next door! Hamas are not exactly the brightest bulbs in the marquee.


I know, eh?


so glorious…



How crazy has Trump made the Democrats? Crazy enough to give a sleazy porn actress (I won’t dignify her with “star”) and extortionist the key to the city.