The narratives about Trump thread.


It think it was Reagan who jokingly said something like:“We are going to bomb Russia!” in the mid 80s. It was a joke and people knew it was a joke.
Here we are now, basically 30 years later, and people take everything on a literal level (as long as it helps sustaining a narrative, of course).


It’s called hyperbole. I think it would be hard to find many people (including Trump) who literally agree with that.


Do jokes originate from insults or do insults originate from jokes? I think the anger comes first, then the joke.


and risk being blacklisted, like Kaepernick.


Or perhaps Trump has watched Chris Rock, the McCain “joke” has been part of his stand up comedy routine going back for more than a decade. Of course Chris Rock actually delivers the joke and makes it sound funny.


“Maybe they shouldn’t be in the country”. Pretty hilarious stuff. In my book there’s no excuse for the CE making such a comment.

They won’t come down on anyone for doing what they told them to do.


I agree that people who aren’t patriotic Americans probably should leave. That’s why I don’t live there any longer.


Haha I often used to say, “America, leave it or leave it”.

though I have new appreciation now in some ways.


I like to think that America left me more than I left it.


Kaepernick wasn’t blacklisted. He ranked 30th in the NFL in defense-adjusted yards above replacement in 2016 and 35th in 2015, the last two years he “played.” There now exists robust information about just how good a QB is Colin Kaepernick is, and it’s not a good story.

The NFL has a long history of rewarding talented bozos with long careers. If he could deliver results, believe me, he’d be playing in the NFL.


But merit based systems are racist…


This explains why there are so few Asian Americans in the NFL. They should start “taking a knee” in protest!


And women. Talk about blatant sex discrimination.


They should take two knees! Wait…


Maybe you’re right, but it seems like he’s not bad enough to not be hired. I think his collusion case might have merit.


You can’t be a fan of the NFL, or you’d know there is no reason to doubt Kaepernick’s lack of talent.

So the odds are very good this is just something you’ve read in the media. That would not surprise me in the least, since the media is looking even harder for “victims” of America’s race wars than the NFL is looking for quarterback talent.


Yes, not a fan of the NFL at all, just trying to figure out what’s going on- why he is not playing.


I’m a pretty big fan but I disagree somewhat. I said the same thing as you–at the beginning of last season. But I figured he’d get picked up over the course of the season as injuries mounted, as normally happens. That that never happened is mighty odd, and there were certainly the normal amount of such situations.

It’s kind of funny, but my opinion has changed a bit because of this thread. I’ve been inclined to think that a player shouldn’t expect to have carte blanche to protest on the field of play in uniform. But as was noted by EBC, the teams are initiating things in one sense by playing the anthem with the players on the field.


I watched Kaepernick play many, many times in 2012-2016. He led the 49ers to the NFC championship game in 2013, but he was most effective as a rusher not a passer. He was a guy who would throw a single touchdown and at least one interception week in, week out. In 2015 he lost the starting QB position to Blaine Grabbert, for pete’s sake.

Kaepernick does not make good decisions under pressure. He tends to bolt or to throw a pick when a play breaks down. I can’t imagine a team wanting a guy who lost his job to Blaine freaking Grabbert. He is entertaining to watch, true, but in the same way that it’s hard to look away from a car wreck.

Even if the NFL banned playing of the national anthem, I don’t think any team would pick him up. He is less lightning rod than nimrod, at least on the field.

Probably should have stayed with baseball.


I agree, he’s not good, I hear what you’re saying, but he’s shown himself to be reasonably competent in a backup role. I still think it’s weird there’s no place for him.