The narratives about Trump thread.


Of course someone would suggest it. But Hillie herself? My parallel self is dying of laughter… :dizzy_face:

Btw part of the damage control narrative is he’s signaling that he’ll protect anyone who refuses to squeal.


She hasn’t got the imagination to troll the press at anywhere near that level.

Or the stature to make it work.


That’s more or less what Mussolini called himself.

Meanwhile in the US:


You hear that, Ibby & Milko? Rowland agrees with the SJW’s – Giuseppe is literally fascist! :runaway:


Here you go. I had a video from a couple of days ago where a Canadian Rep specifically mentioned that the transgender issue only enraged the USA side, I may go look for it later, the article below discusses Canada’s wish for a new chapter on gender rights.

Anyway, the point was more along the lines, Canada thought they would school Trump on the Art of the deal, coming to the table with 10 demands and ignoring the most important issues the USA had. When in Trump’s mind, from day 1 the deal was dead, maybe he could be persuaded to keep it if some of the major concerns were addressed, they were not.


I disagree with your belief that the Trudeau message is correct. As a former provincial trade official, I can say without a doubt that Canada has its own protectionist policies. Examples? Supply management keeps out foreign cheese and dairy, and ensures a small number of rich dairy farmers maintain their valuable quotas. Who does it hurt? Working class folks that pay more than most developed countries for their milk and other dairy. Who does it protect? A well-connected but very small number of farmers in Quebec and BC that are great lobbyists. Canadas stumpage policies on Crown land could be interpreted as being a subsidy. Canadas procurement policies, such as the recent sole source to IBM in a multi-billion dollar contract, do not come across as being on-side. Such a competitive project should go to open bidding.

In other words, Trudeau can complain about steel tariffs and other forms of protectionism, but his underwear is hardly clean. He should take this opportunity to continue pushing for diversification of exports. Most provinces in Canada, with the exception of BC, have way too much trade with the US. But crying foul? Whiner.


Is it just me but trumps administration (maybe not trump himself) seem to be surrounded with people who are pretty pro Taiwan.


I can’t be totally sure, but I think this is quite common with Republicans in general. It’s one aspect of them that I very much approve of.


I can’t remember the last time the US was this vocal and involved in Taiwan. Usually it’s something they stay as far away from as possible. Multiple senators have visited, money given to the AIT for the building and the AIT seems to be pretty vocal unlike before about supporting Taiwan. Maybe China’s recent push politically to isolate Taiwan like making airlines changed Taiwan to province of China has given the US a reason to be active on Taiwan China relations


Everybody’s fascist for fifteen minutes.


There’s something seriously wrong with people who insist on inserting their pet issues into every unrelated discussion. What the hell has transgender got to do with trade?

I reserve the right not to give a flying fuck about your hobbyhorse, unless you use it to derail important discussions of important matters, in which case I will set your hobbyhorse on fire to teach you a lesson.

And if your political football lands on my lawn, don’t expect to get it back.

If you want to use the ladies’ room, discuss it with the ladies, not me.


It’s all about style vs substance. I’ve got nothing against style, but if you force me to choose…

Come to think about it, Ozymandias may well have thrown sauve style into disrepute. making The Donaldcy possible. November 2016 was the people’s way of saying “no more gilded turds!”


Ooh, Tough Guy Rowland has taken up threatening mods? :tumble:

Must be targeting the Rocket/Jesus/Brian vote… too bad they’re not American! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I suppose, but Ibby & Milko rushing to defend a UBI supporter just because someone may have called him a Nazi, that’s rich. :money_mouth_face:


How closely did you follow politics when you were Clinton I and Bush II were in office?


I don’t remember Clinton. Just bush 2.


How can we forget Bill Clinton when he won’t go away?

Former presidents struggle with their newfound political irrelevance. Compare and contrast how Bubba deals with it vs how Ozymandias deals with it.


I wonder what @hansioux thinks of the evolution of this relationship over the last ~25 years. Is America really more “vocal and involved” in Taiwan now? Is the amount of money spent on a new AIT building a good measuring stick? :ponder:


How do you see Donnie spending his retirement? :crystal_ball: Just curious.


As the President of the USA😂