The narratives about Trump thread.


The flood of memes continues.


I know people joke about Dennis a lot, he’s an off the wall guy for sure. But I really think he was a major catalyst to NK opening up to talks. No other American went to NK and met and talked to Kim and was welcomed by the people there without some agenda and just opened a doorway to talks


Definitely. If this all works out, the Nobel should go to Rodman, Trump and the North and South Korean presidents.


Does he get it as an participation trophy, sadly South Korea probably had the least say in any of this even though it’s their problem mostly and any fuck up it’s the south Koreans that will take some heavy loses lasting generations.


This is interesting because my perception is that South Korea deserves the most credit for this process.


I definitely wouldn’t downplay Moon’s contributions…the two meetings with Kim and the Olympics invite. But I think they all deserve credit.


My wild guess is that the Nobel committee would give the peace prize to ANYONE before even considering Trump. By their own admission after the obomo debacle it’s all a matter of “signals/expectations” rather than merit.


and Twitter


THAT would yield the maximum liberal-head explosion.



Looks to me like our wonderful President sold the farm. Duh, give the NKs what they’ve wanted for years, get nothing in return. Smile and hold up your bingo card for the cameras. Seriously, what a moron.


Winners of the deal are the Kim regime and China so far it seems…Did I read correctly that Trump agreed to stop military exercises with south Korea? If I was Japan and south Korea, I’d start working on a nuke program…Taiwan should get in on it. Look at what NK was able to do with one possible ICBM. We exported more tech to them…probably helped built it.


I’ve got major misgivings about the Nork deal talk, for all the standard reasons. But I’ll wait and see the details.

No, I don’t trust Rocket Man. But then, I don’t presume to know what The Donald is really up to. He’s full of surprises.

Anyway, enjoy the cognitive dissonance on the left. Whichever way it turns out, this is exactly what they would have applauded if done by one of their own. And if their worst predictions come true, it will be precisely because he did what they would have done.

Please, not a repeat of the Iran deal.


If they give Trump the Peace Prize, I’ll take that as a bad omen.


Right, continued development of ICBM’s and nukes, the path NK has been on for decades was a tremendously successful path /s.

Lets see where this path goes, if it leads to a nuke free Korean peninsula and a better life for millions in North Korea, I don’t see how that is a bad thing.


it’s scary how trump prefers (yet not surprisingly) to be around dictators and other one man leaders. i’m quite sure at some point he whispered in kim’s ears that he envied him.


As contrasted to previous US presidents, who…um… never mind.


What happened to the Tempo of the 80% optimism? Your glass isn’t half full anymore because someone peed in it? :hushed:


it would be extremely problematic for people to celebrate peace if Trump had to be given merit for it. It looks like many would be happy to end up in a recessipn, as long as that lowered Trump’s approval rating.


Showing some external self awareness about his deal versus the Iran deal:

If there aren’t more distinctions besides this one, he’ll be in trouble, and I think he knows it.