The narratives about Trump thread.


Well , I have certainly been pushed away from the Centre recently… I really feel that there is very little point and that this meme seems to be too close to the truth. Debate has become nigh on impossible.


Mark Warner’s facial appearance adds to rumor in Virginia (Richmond has been rife for years now). His father John was married to Elizabeth Taylor, not exactly known for being a tee-totaler herself.

Trump loves to go low, no doubt about that. He gives as good as he gets - or better, and that is saying something. The longer Trump is in D.C, the more he learns about the personal peccadilloes of his fellow D.C. citizens. Based on how Trump has been treated in the press the past 30 years, I see him being pretty comfortable taking the low road. Perhaps even preferring the lowest road possible, who knows …

If I were a Democrat (or any political enemy, of whatever stripe) with skeletons in a closet, my discomfort with Trump would increase every day his network grows and every day he remains in office.


Kennedy to retire this summer.
Was swing vote on many big issues.

The tweets are funny.
Cannot believe people live and die over these things.
Life goes on.
Take a chill pill.
Go out and enjoy the summer.
Learn a language.
Plant a tree.
Enjoy a good beer.


just yesterday I was reading something from a Canadian professor, he’s a Lebanese Jew whose family went through Ww2 and then had to leave Lebanon during the civil war of peace because Jews were being killed or kidnapped house by hpuse. They lost everything and moved to Canada. He says that every time he reads people comparing Nazism and fascism to Trump he cannot believe that current year liberals could disconnect themselves from reality so much and he finds it incredibly disrespectful for the Jews who actually had to go through that sort of stuff.


Nazi uniform? Or death camp? Hmm, decisions decisions…



why not both??



it fits well with the dozens of male feminists who turned out to be sexual predators!


The high road is all too often a dead end.

But nothing is beneath…


This is all that is wrong with virtue signalers. The more frantically they signal, the more they have to divert your attention from.


And I thought Terry Gou of Hon Hai was tall. He’s just a guard on this basketball-digging team.



When do you finally throw this Russian puppet out of the White house?


i think the CNN journalist needs to raise his eyebrows even higher to show even more shocked he is about what’s going on under Trump. ha ha.

Wasn’t it Obama who told the UK before the Brexit vote that the UK would go to the back of the line for trade negotiation deals with the U.S. if it voted to leave?


What’s the point?
One intents to destroy the European Union and the other puts into perspective what the UKIP liga tried to claim.
That they could be making much better deals than the EU, which means, they more or less claimed to be in first line.
Obama = pro free liberal world
Trump = pro fucking dictators!


okay no more drinks for this guy.


Yes , the hypocricy is astounding. Yet again, perfectly ok for Obama to directly intervene in a British Vote,saying the Populists are wrong and UK will be punished by the USA if they vote leave, but any criticism of the EU not acceptable.
It is the the very fact that opposing views , whether you agree with them or not, have been totally ignored by the Politicians in Europe and the USA, that is a large factor in the swing to the right we see now. Merkel/Macron kept pushing their agenda…until now.

Dictators, more usually, arise from Socialism…Edit / Marxism/ Communism History shows.


Communism! Not Socialism!
Most countries in the EU were run by social democratic parties till about the end of the 70s. After that more conservative parties closer to the American conservative parties took over.
So, when the EU is falling apart and/or drifting into dictator ships, this cannot be blamed on socialism.
But let’s see how Trumpsters can twist that one!
Obama = Iran deal with tractable agreements
Trump = Ends the agreement
Trump = fakes a deal with North Korea and calls it historic.
Trump = likes Putin and Kim
Trump = Hates pretty much all the leaders of the free world.

Good luck!


Did Obama ever say that the UK will be punished if they leave the EU?
Am I missing something?


you’re not really good at this stuff, are you?

at 20 seconds in…


Thanks for posting that!
So Obama told the English people the facts, instead of telling them what Trump would have done, what a prosperous future they have without the EU.
There is not much reason for the US to make the UK a first priority after a Brexit.

If this feels like punishment to you, than this says a lot about you and probably about many of these Trumpsters too.