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Did you even read what he said ? It is an obvious threat . The Guardian: Barack Obama has warned that the UK would be at the “back of the queue” in any trade deal with the US if the country chose to leave the EU, as he made an emotional plea to Britons to vote for staying in.


It’s not a threat! It’s stating the facts, that’s all!
UKIP claimed what great deals they could make without the EU.
Those were lies.
Obama told them the facts.
Why can’t you distinguish between facts and lies?


obviously , yes you are missing the fact that he did. You say he was just telling the truth to justify that ? Sigh


@Hamletintaiwan, the Trump-Putin summit is July 16 in Helsinki.
Plenty of time to conduct some honest-to-good old-fashion background research on related topics. That Obama youtube only took 2 seconds of typing/googling “obama brexit back of queue”

@IbisWtf, it’s toxic red traffic lights


Lol in what world does Trump actually like Kim?


Ok good night!


Do they have a shade of white? That would make them extra toxic.


“I’ll punch you in the face” in current year is not a threat; it’s just a way of telling the truth!


Did he tell you that ? Or you are presuming because…well it’s Trump. He certainly says when he disagrees with Policies. You need to turn down the “Hate” you accuse us of H.


So, the enemy of your enemy (Trump) is your friend (China).

The old AIT on Hsin-Yi Rd. never had U.S. marines.
… from the halls of Montezuma, to the shores of Tripoli…


Where was this line when people were vigorously defending the travel ban EO’s?

where was your outrage in 2014? Well I will tell you, you weren’t told to be outraged.

Where was yours? Where was mine? Where was anyone’s, except for the people who knew about it? There are scandals all over the world every day. People in general don’t have time to agitate about scandals they don’t notice, even if they would care if the media made the facts sufficiently clear to them. (And if it was a media conspiracy of silence to protect Barry, were Fox et al. in on it?)

About that restaurant, btw…

Fortune magazine reported that the Red Hen is not part of a chain, but that, as a result of Trump’s tweet, an unaffiliated District of Columbia restaurant with the same name had come under attack by conservatives, with negative Yelp reviews and denunciations on Twitter.[14][15] There were similar attacks against other unaffiliated restaurants with the same name in Swedesboro, New Jersey and Old Saybrook, Connecticut, as well as against the Olde Red Hen in Ontario and the Little Red Hen in Muntinlupa, the Philippines.[16]

You mean you didn’t burn it yet? :confused:

Shh, don’t tell Rowland Trump staffers are “namby-pamby beta cucks”! :shushing_face:

@shiadoa re Schumer quote: source please. :slight_smile:

Typical Ibby-style strawman. Fyi there are countries that allow foreigners to vote, but they are legal residents, not tourists.

@CTaitung re travel ban, let’s not forget that the original travel ban (the original “Muslim ban”) is dead, and Trump v. Hawaii (featuring Venezuela and NK) is not quite finished, fwiw.

Wow, Rollo is getting desperate, bringing out the big guns – hellfire and damnation for you sinners! :scream:

He’s also trying to revive Trump is the new Lincoln! :rainbow: by telling us that leftistas are the new Confederacy.

As for Booth, didn’t historians say he was a psychopath? Or am I thinking of his dad? (There was no suggestion of toxic masculinity to deflect, so obviously it’s moot…)

Another classic DR: simpletons good, critical thinkers bad. :slight_smile: :frowning_face:

So, yeah. Give me a young, naive socialist to debate.

I think he’s just confessed that he prefers low-hanging fruit. Not that that’s necessarily bad, of course – not everyone can be bothered to aim high. :deciduous_tree:

@shiadoa the problem with the “Trump cures cancer” meme is that the only way it would happen is if something along the lines of “Trump Laboratories” were to promote a dodgy drug with nasty side-effects and an absurd price tag, or some ordinary drug rebranded, also with an absurd price tag. But anyone pointing out the emperor’s nakedness would instantly be accused of having attended a liberal arts college (the horror).

any criticism of the EU not acceptable.

What channel is that narrative on?

It is an obvious threat . The Guardian: Barack Obama has warned that the UK would be at the “back of the queue” in any trade deal with the US if the country chose to leave the EU, as he made an emotional plea to Britons to vote for staying in.

Is “threat” really the best word for that?

Suppose Cornwall wants to declare independence. Those promoting the idea promise voters an open border and customs union with the UK. Is that binding on Westminster? If May says no, we’ll make decisions about our own borders and not be dictated to by unco-operative and relatively unimportant countries, does that mean she’s threatening the poor, oppressed Cornish? :hushed:

One of the best DR’s ever: if you really want to be like Jesus, don’t talk to no hos, just go out and :banana: them!

You do know the (wannabe) president for life is in his 70’s, right?



The most enjoyable bit:

“This is completely ridiculous,” said Mary Catherine Roper, deputy legal director for the ACLU of Pennsylvania. “This is not what the hate crime statute was for. This is criminalizing pure speech and that violates the First Amendment.”

Made a shitty statute -> didn’t think of the consequences -> "hey, not fair 8( "



Reminds me of Kagan in her dissent to Trump v Hawaii (travel ban).

“The First Amendment was meant for better things.”

It’s a real comfort to know that we have our liberal overlords to dispense freedom as they see fit. It boggles the mind to think that some Americans would object to it.


You need to keep in mind that the US constitution is a social construct developed by a white Euro-centric patriarchy. People who support it are just stifling progress.

So far the 2020 dems slogan looks something like:“Ban ICE, free immigration for everyone, no guns for you”.

Even though I’m European, I’m starting to see the point of the second amendment.


Do post an update when the case is concluded.


Im not a fan of the travel ban, I think I have said his rhetoric towards Muslims and his ban are a bad idea. But what law has be broken and failed to uphold?

When it comes to foreign policy the courts defer to the executive branch, as was the case with a ruling related to Taiwan in a case brought by Hartzell. The judicial branch basically said when it comes to foreign policy that is the realm of the Executive branch and would offer no comment. Rejecting the Executive governance of foreign policy would have had far reaching implications, it’s no wonder they upheld trumps travel ban.

With regards immigration the existing laws made it impossible for Obama to exempt large portions without challenges which would likely have been upheld in the higher courts, Obama stated as much on multiple occasions.


I was responding to a lot of posts at once, so I maybe I misread your comment, but I thought the context was

Brian et al.: Trump should stop separating children from their parents.
Mick: His hands are tied. He’s just enforcing the law.

We’ve now seen that his hands were not tied.

As for the travel ban orders/proclamations, they’re not a single item, and we haven’t heard the last of them as far as court challenges go, so I’m still skeptical about the extent to which the legislature’s hands are tied.

Btw what was the Hartzell case?


Here you go.