The narratives about Trump thread.


Who are “we guys”?

There’s a lot of people who don’t like Agent O, even in his own party. Try letting go of the dichotomy.


There is large scale immigration to the USA regardless of minimal socialised health care.

My take is push factors are way more important than the hope of free health care and other benefits. This is one of the few things “rather good at it” David Cameron got right. Improve their lot back home and they won’t leave.

Walls are alternative options. They won’t work, but that’s not the point.


Some things deserve to be shat on.

By the way, much of the south is doing just dandy. Now the Acela corridor, that’s another story.

What a difference a century and a half make.


Well, they’ve set the bar low enough.

They could replace it with nothing at all, and that would be better.


Perhaps you don’t understand the question, although I dont think thats the problem, lets look at in reverse.

For the past 50 years I watched in the UK the unions decimate jobs (going for the 3 day week), then the rebound with Thatcher and privatization of all our utilities and prices went through the roof.

Then Universities went from offering a grant but free, to offering a loan but free, to charging 10k pounds a year.

We work, we pay taxes, but we are going backwards.

Teachers had their pensions cut, funny how it never works the other way round.

Personal data, is now for harvesting for corporations.

Do we get stability, no, financial collapse and lurching from crisis to crisis. War’s we don’t want and an assurance if you vote for the system all will be well.

Well it doesn’t look that way to me, and you can’t even attempt to answer a simple question that lies at the heart of the problem.


I understand the question perfectly. The challenge is to find the right person to ask.


yyy, you weigh in on these topics, or shall we consider you the peanut throwers from the peanut gallery who have not intent to offer an opinion, just throw peanuts at those who do.


Show me a post in which I supported open borders.

I’m a statist in that I support regulation of various things, up to a point. I also think an independent judiciary is generally a good thing.

And I’m also an anti-Covfefist in that I think the most powerful country on the planet should have a competent leader (whether or not it “deserves” one).

How you get “welfare state + open borders” from that is the question I should ask you, but I’m afraid you’ll answer with another rant about Hillary & the Deep State.

I do agree with Biggus that better foreign policy would help, though that’s a very complex issue.


Lighten up, everybody.

We are now solidly in the Effective But We Don’t Like It Phase. The chaotic-incompetent narrative died hard, and those whose self images were tied up in that narrative aren’t taking it well.

He’s effective, and they really, really don’t like it.

(In reality, he’s chaotic-competent, and there are those who can’t wrap their heads around that notion.)

(Oh, and I’ll grant the Kennedy retirement was dumb luck. But the rest of it? When dumb luck all seems to run one way, it’s not dumb luck.)


Can Alex Jones be a nominee for the Supreme Court? I just want to see people’s reactions.


Effective with net immigration?

Unless it’s fake news Obama did a better job.


To put it another way, Mick, I try to be the “C” in these discussions, rather than the “B”.

A: Repeal & replace Obamacare! :slight_smile: :v:
B: You want to repeal Obamacare? That means you support making people die slowly and painfully! :rage:
C: Please tell me what you want to replace it with. :slight_smile:

A: Income tax is tyranny! :frowning_face:
B: That means you’re an anarchist! :rage:
C: Please tell me what you want to replace income tax with. :slight_smile:

A: Trump is a moron, and his immigration policy is inhumane! :cry:
B: That means you want open borders and a welfare state! Don’t you realize we’re all going to go bankrupt? Answer the question, C! :rage:
C: What? I agree with A about the moron part and the inhumane part, but – :confused:
B: No buts! :no_no:


You might enjoy this if you haven’t seen it. Joe Rogan is a commentator on UFC matches (he’s the host here). It’s from Rogan’s podcast with Alex Jones.


From this perspective, Roy Moore would be another excellent choice. :grin:


D: What we used to have before will do, if no one has a better idea. Because at its worst, it was less broken than Odammitcare and less insidious than the income tax.

Oh, and the postcard tax form is nice.

Also… calling a winner an idiot is not realistic. Better to ask what he knows that you’re missing.


Oh no, I’m so jealous. I don’t know how to get a high profile job from hell (just low profile ones). I don’t know how to be billions of dollars in debt. I don’t know how to seduce a porn star, fail at covering it up, and let the scandal blow up in my face. I have so many things to learn, but I’m just too bitter to try. :sob:

Sometimes when you win, you lose. And vice-versa. :yin_yang:


New narrative: sympathy?


Go on. :popcorn:



Conservatives are often very effective, but they always end up taking it too far. They shoot themselves in the foot. Then they are reeled in when people realize was is going on.
Rinse, repeat.