The narratives about Trump thread.


Any chance you would apply the same logic to the democrats? I mean, their identity politics strategy worked for a while, but then people got tired of being called racists and it backfired on them.


I never suggested you did. You and I are just people discussing policies and I only represent myself. Just a few posts back I said I am not a fan of Trumps travel ban or his rhetoric towards Muslims. I am not trying to be a Trump apologist, nor are many of my positions Republican at all, I recently stated Im for a single payer system when it comes to heath care, you won’t find many Republicans that agree with me on that.

The point is, it should have been easy for you to say “hey, I’m not for open borders, that’s just stupid”, yet it took about 4 or 5 posts for you to (in a roundabout way) distance yourself from such a stance. There’s a reason why you did that.

I would suggest the answer is not because you like to play person C in these discussions, it’s because when we are talking about immigration there is not just an A,B,C point of view, it goes all the way to X,Y,Z, but the fact there should be strict immigration laws in place, that there needs to be immigration laws and that without them it is unfair to the population of the country, is a big variable. Concede that point, why, before you know about it we will be talking about what to do about it and can’t have that at all.


Can anyone name an important group it doesn’t apply to?

Overreach is part of human nature. Or maybe it’s just that we define “going too far” as whatever point they begin to fade, ignoring all other potential factors.

By any reasonable standard, the cultural Marxists went too far many decades ago, but they got away with it because the opposition was weak-willed. Recently the George Will style twerps have been shoved aside, and now…


And this guy didn’t even vote for Trump…


For a moment I was worried someone might have stalked me…then I realized it’s not in Yilan…phew.


You perform Trump puja at home? Hope you don’t get doxxed, man.


Who doesn’t? I thought that was the standard.


I’d say the right-wingers have taken identity politics from the playbook of progressives and used it to their own end.


The Democrat administration under Obama- perceived as too centrist by many progressives.


So? What do you guys do?:rofl:




The opinions of a delusional fringe don’t count.

Even if they do make a hell of a lot of noise and occasionally throw things.


And if they have weapons of mass destruction, what then? (Not referring to any group in particular.)


That comes across to me as “Don’t talk about X unless you’re willing to give a yes/no answer to Y.”

Try this one:

“Don’t comment on capital punishment unless you’re willing to give a yes/no answer on abortion.”

I don’t do abortion debates. So, my opinion on capital punishment is irrelevant?

I’ve said this before, and here it is again: immigration is a complex issue, and I don’t want to be misunderstood. Any random **** can take a quotation out of context when it’s in public view, even if most humans don’t know my identity. Even with context, misunderstandings happen. And I don’t participate in online discussions for the purpose of building a detailed (public) profile of all my thoughts. Why a social media skeptic like Honorable Mick would expect anyone to do that, I don’t quite understand.


Shall we talk about the lessons of Pearl Harbor? Or of the Iraq War?

Because as I see it, the Iraq War happened because we took away the wrong lesson from Pearl Harbor.

The only other way to take Pearl Harbor as a lesson was too much for people to swallow, namely: sometimes you just gotta let it happen. Sometimes people just won’t wake up and smell the coffee unless people they know die senselessly. Which is a good segue to…

9-11 was a Rorshach test for western society. The varied reactions to it revealed some truths about the people reacting.

The peacenik wants peace on the cheap. “Everybody just be nice, mmmkay?” It doesn’t work that way. A lasting peace is not cheap.

No, the price of a lasting peace is not war. The price of a lasting peace is victory. But war is usually the price of victory.

And it has to be the right war, not the wrong war. How to know it’s the right war? Events such as Pearl Harbor bring moral clarity. You know who the enemy is, without a doubt. But they also kill a lot of people.

Or, statesmen could just think things all the way through before going to war or trying to make peace. But let’s be real. That’s not going to happen.

A WMD going off in some major US city is the substitute for preemptive war. What matters is correctly identifying the threat. Here’s where being attacked gives one an advantage.


I’d wear a MAGA hat, but I don’t want to get attacked by rabid leftists. I hear their bites can turn you into a progressive zombie.


So in other words…

…is false.

Or to make a DR out of it, the opinions of a delusional fringe don’t count, except when they do.

Oh, and shall we talk about the lessons of Las Vegas? Nope. “We don’t know the key details…” :speak_no_evil:


Fair enough. But it’s a far cry from a suicide bomber to some spoiled trust fund kid with daddy issues.

To put it bluntly: American leftists have no balls. So they’ve got nothing to take and go home if we don’t let them play.


I will help you understand, media pumps out misinformation which gets regurgitated a if were reason and fact while simple truths are avoided.

Let me give you an example, trade with Canada. Do you think Trump is just off his rocker and shaking things up to shore up his base? Do you think there is going to be a winner in his back and forth with Canada? Perhaps a trade war with Canada hurts both the US and Canada equally? Is Canada right to stand up to Trump.

Give me your thoughts, I suspect they align with media, and then I will post mine.


Most of the time you tell us American leftistas are violent fascists. Now you’re telling us they’re trust fund castrati? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Where’s @finley with his Venn diagrams when we need him?..