The narratives about Trump thread.


They’re plenty violent, but only when nobody fights back.

No, that doesn’t take any balls.

There’s a difference between being Mussolini and being a Mussolini wannabe.


Agreed, though I don’t say oh well it was in the media so it must be false. I take everything with salt, and I take salt with water.

Let me give you an example, trade with Canada. Do you think Trump is just off his rocker and shaking things up to shore up his base? Do you think there is going to be a winner in his back and forth with Canada? Perhaps a trade war with Canada hurts both the US and Canada equally? Is Canada right to stand up to Trump.

I either have no pretensions of great insight in that area or just prefer not to vocalize my opinion on the topic in public.

I will repeat, not specifically with reference to trade disputes, that I consider Trump mostly-but-not-entirely incompetent. Stopped clocks and all that.


He wins bigly twice a day?


Yeah, and I bet Azathoth understands that too. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Azathoth lives in a dream world.


There’s an app for that, you know.

It’s rather hard to tell what’s going on here. My personal theory is that governments finds the Kim dynasty to be rather useful. It’s like keeping a baboon in a cage in your living room; normal people are so bemused by the baboon, and even more bemused by the fact that you’ve got one, that they stop paying attention to the funny smell coming from your refrigerator.

Broadly speaking, most governments need some justification for their existence, and the inflatable leader provides one: vote for us or Mr Stay-Puft will get you!


And there in lies the rub. The media so enthusiastic to stand up to that bully Trump, eggs on Justin from Canada to cut off his nose to spite his face. This is Trump’s number one issue, even more than immigration and he’s been thinking about this for 40 or 50 years. See the top video around the 5 minute mark.

This is utterly devastating to Canada, they couldn’t have played it more badly if they tried. Bottom video around 12 minute mark to 14min. The short of it and looking at the numbers, trade with USA is roughly equal in numbers, but that represents 2% of USA GDP, it represents 20% of Canada’s, in a trade war even it say 50% is hurt as a result, that is 1% GDP to USA, Trump can shrug it off, especially he’s grown the economy to 3.5% growth, to Canada thats a 10% hit, devastating and likely to send them into a recession.

And a couple of days ago he did an interview where he stated he wants to put a 20% tarrif on Canadian cars. They will pack up and go, build them in the US, and Trump wants that. They build 4 million cars a year, 3 million of which go to the States, you think they will hang around with a 20% tariff.

But here’s the point, don’t believe for a second he is some moron who doesn’t know what he is doing, who hasn’t put in a great deal of thought to this. That’s the media spin, generations from now Canada will be regretting the day 100’s of thousands of jobs were lost and the stupidity of Trudeau in turning down a deal for no tariffs on everything because he wanted to protect 10k jobs in dairy and a couple of other sectors.


you only had to read the script of Canada’s trade negotiators put up last summer to know that Canada is setting itself up to lose biggly

There’s a reason that like 40% (higher?) of Canada’s population lives within a gallon or two worth of gas from its southern border


Not to mention money laundering, arms dealing, experiments no one else can do, etc ad nauseum. Very useful indeed it is to have a boogeyman…on a leash.


Exactly. I think it’s a little more obvious when you look at Chinese behaviour (the Americans are a bit more subtle at playing smoke-and-mirrors games). They could wipe him out in an afternoon if they wanted to, but he’s incredibly useful for keeping their Asian backyard in line.

Wouldn’t surprise me if North Korean missiles have a lot of American and Chinese engineering in them. I can’t imagine Mr Blobby has his own state-of-the-art factories for making, say, inertial reference systems.


Fwiw, the opposition parties have unanimously endorsed the current line. Even the newly elected conservative and “Trump-esque” premier of Ontario seems to be standing with Justin on this one.

In other news, Stephen H was just spotted in DC talking to one of Trump’s chumps… :ponder:


That is true, it is brought up in both video’s and is a perfect example how derangement and hatred for Trump clouds their better judgement, a trade war with the USA will hardly effect the USA, it will be devastating for Canada.

Justins been doing the rounds too. But there are no talks anymore, Trump will choose his time to walk away from NAFTA and impose a 20% import tax on cars, probably after the midterms.


Any take on if Canada has been applying tariffs unfairly, etc.?


They have been, which is part of the point, Trump has a reason to be upset about trade imbalances and even offered to EU and Canada, no import taxes on anything.

Japan took him seriously, with Abe going back and forth to the White house, China is taking him seriously and so are S.Korea and some leaders in the EU, are very wary, THIS is Trumps big issue. Yet, the newspapers characterize him as a clown who got out of bed one morning and thought he would start pushing countries like Canada around. They are way off the mark on this one.

yyy came back talking about conservatives are on board with Canada confronting Trump, I just checked its at the 13min mark of the video I suggested he watch from 12min to 14 min.


What’s posterity ever done for us?


Future me is a pretty chill dude, he keeps promising to handle a lot of stuff I’m too laz…ehm…too busy to handle right now.


The great thing about future you is there’s nothing he can do about it.


There are pivotal moments, I grew up hearing how the ship building industry in Belfast moved over to Germany, basically the unions were being dicks. The effect of that was (perhaps still is) being felt generations later. Once it’s gone, it aint coming back.

Trump wants the auto industry and he want’s it back to Michigan and Ohio. Justin Trudeau is doing everything he can to make that happen. Those swing states, if Trump delivers on the auto industry, those states are a lock for as long as he is running.


If your parents voted for idiots, thus ruining things for your generation, put them in crummy retirement homes. That won’t fix anything, but petty vengeance is better than nothing.


Rowland, that’s the stupidest thing I have ever heard you say.