The narratives about Trump thread.


My take is a lot simpler, if you stand up for principles that you have believed in your whole life, like equal opportunity for all, free speech, and respect for people to choose political sides, you will be attacked relentlessly, labeled names that are alien to you and fear for you job and learn to fear the vindictive nasty hate fueled mob that the modern progressive social radicals from the left.

You see it everywhere, Dershowitz is one example, he spoke out on principle, something he believed in all his life, as a liberal that there should be cause to investigate a person and that a state using the logic of “show me the man and I will find you the crime” was a terrible authoritarian and almost 3rd world type of practice. He has been eviscerated by other left leaning proponents for his standing up for his principles.




Not the adjective I would choose. Sad, pathetic, desperate and my new favorite adjective unethical. because I am beginning to believe those pushing the progressive left agenda, don’t care about facts.

There was some kid who had his MAGA hat taken from him, then a drink thrown in his face and a few obscenities, and there are people who say “he needed to take responsibility for his actions” i.e wearing that cap justified the 30 year olds reaction.

If you think like this, then you are on the wrong side of history.


Brilliant! You guys get taken in by fake quotes and these are the adjectives you choose. Comical, sad, pathetic, desperate indeed.

I guess it’s only fake news when you disagree with it. If it’s fake news you can sink your teeth into then you’re all for it.


I chose comical. It is satire, but the point is it is so sadly quite indicative of the consensus that prevails …and the Left keep moving further and further left . Memes abound and have become expressions of the political climate. Disclaimer: all memes posted may or may not be true. There are just as many "Trump ’ satirical memes. Take them all with a pinch of salt.


So… still complete and utter malarkey. Understood. But at least it feels true to you, and I guess that’s the most important truth of all, isn’t it? The one that isn’t true but could be if it wasn’t complete bullshit.

Tell us again about how everybody’s being so unfair to Trump.


Ahhh, so you are implying everyone is being fair to Trump? Understood.
I am trying to convince the USA to support Trump. The only person who may actually support Taiwan . I wish he would have given exemption re: Tariffs ,to us.


Some people hate Trump as the enemy. Some people look to Trump as their deliverer. There’s something pathetic in both stances.

Trump doesn’t look to anyone on earth as his deliverer. And he’s entitled to have enemies because he selects his enemies wisely. He always picks fights with those who seem strong but are actually weak.

Look to the Orange One, not as a savior, but as a role model. The last commandment: thou shalt win bigly.

The trouble with Taiwan is the whole place is too damn insecure and needy. Taiwan needs to establish and hold its own frame, or it will never be respected.


By your measure, with that supposed “meme” that you totally knew was made of fake quotes, they’re being more than fair to Trump. At least most of his coverage is based on dumb stuff he’s actually said and done, perhaps embellished or with a twist. That sits in contrast with, you know, completely fabricated and made up quotes.

I know people in this forum have drunk the trump coolaid something fierce but you’ve got to see the problem here, right?


Sure, the media coverage on Trump has been, on the whole, quite balanced. I want some of what you’re smoking.


Some flavors taste better than others.

Those who drank the Hillary Kool-Aid are now writhing in agony in their own private Guyana.

Those who guzzled the Obama flavor are starting to feel a mite poorly themselves.


What, New York Magazine is trying out-Kenya the Kenyan Candidate meme but can’t come up with anything better than 1987? Pfft, amateurs… :sunglasses:


Let’s all keep our expectations low, okay?

Shia, seriously, I like a good political satire too, but if that were intended as satire it wouldn’t have the completely serious introduction and conclusion. It’s almost like a satire of originalist hysteria, as in “these guys are so pathetic, they even expect their followers to fall for it – and they do!” :roll_eyes:


Wow, after decades making millions of friends and zero enemies, Alan can’t persuade Laptop Man to change his worldview, and some nameless woman in Martha’s Vineyard wants to kill him. Totally shocking. Being Alan right now must be, like, the worst thing in the world. :violin:

Do let me know when CNN (that bastion of “leftism” :rofl:) stops paying him.

My take is a lot simpler

So what it really boils down to is

I still see some value in IP here, but it’s getting awfully repetitive. :2cents:


There’s truth, and then there’s truthiness. Enough said?


It’s getting repetitive because despite half a dozen posts, you still don’t get Im not talking about the left. I consider myself a lefty. Alan wasn’t talking about the left, he made that exact point in the video I posted, he identifies with being from the left. yet look at you imaginary conversation above, I am at the point of seriously wondering if it is possible people deliberately can’t understand or if they are deliberately being obtuse.


Finally someone expresses it on USAtoday what so many Ex Democrats feel and why Trump will win 2020.


It’s this re-framing of the discussion that seems to confuse yyy. Up till now I believe his frame of reference was that those opposing the more radical social programs coming from a particular block were Alt-Right.

The new re-framing is that those in opposition are not just Alt-Right or indeed everyone on the right, it is also getting push back from liberals.

The new frame is one where they are the radicals and extremists, not the other way round.


Im a Southern California LIBERAL, Legal IMMIGRANT and now Trump Supporter. For me it started before Trump when I first detected something dubious with the Media before the election.

Lots of California Liberals support Trump including Hispanic and other minorities such as myself too. I personally know several, but you’ll never see that balanced perspective on majority of MSM as it doesnt fit their division/Hate narrative. They want to dumb the discussion down to GOP vs DNC as always instead of acknowledging both parties have corrupt long Establishment politicians which collude with MSM


Well, didn’t realize it was fake when posing, obviously. No defense from me on that one, was taken in.