The narratives about Trump thread.


Ah, the bury-your-head-in-the-sand-and-pretend-everything-is-fine approach! Worked wonders for the German citizenry of the 1930s.


There you go. For those on the left complaining that they never make Nazi comparisons and it’s unfair to mock them because they never compared Trump to Nazi Germany.


Parallels and analogies are not the same as direct comparisons. But I doubt you were looking for nuance.

I can only imagine the shrieking hypocrisy if Obama acted like Putin’s lapdog.


44 was too busy using middle eastern people as beta testers for drone bombings, I think he didn’t have time to deal with Lord Putin.


Sometimes it’s hard to find the nuance when the argument articulated seems as well presented as this women from the women’s march.


For a moment there , I thought you were talking about Obama foreign Policy :thinking:


That’s a she? I always assumed it was a dude… I’ll never be a true current year regressive.



Ana Navarro is not “on the right” in any way, shape or form, and is deranged to boot. So deranged that she voted for Hillary Clinton, in fact.

Fixed that for you.


I love how people present an insanely complex topic that the average person knows little to nothing about and go:


wtf?.. talk about alienating


While I generally agree you can’t blindly label people for what they believe…

Her take is “…Trump’s undermining of US Intellegence (sic) Agencies, his dismissal of Russia’s cyber-terrorism against our democratic institutions, and his deference to the murderous Russian leader…” I’m sure there’ll be some sort of narrative about each and every one of those points but at this point they’re really grasping at straws. Trump has shown us repeatedly who he is and what he’s about, yet people still refuse to believe him.


She’s a GOP strategist. But like I said before, if she doesn’t pass your “purity test”, then what about tea-party crusader Joe Walsh? No one could call him a RINO based on his positions. Then there’s the fact almost the entire GOP Senator caucus called out Trump with varying degrees of condemnation. Are they all RINOs, sell-outs, secret lib’ruls, etc?

Obama helped engineer general sanctions on Russia after the Ukraine crisis, put specific sanctions on individuals in the government, supported opposition groups, and had an acrimonious relationship with him. In contrast, Trump was practically falling over himself, talking about how he trusts Putin more than the intelligence services in his own government. That’s borderline treasonous.

Yeah, it kind of reminds me of how Trump labels all news organizations as “fake news” if they don’t have FOX or Brietbart in their name. The Donald makes broad and alienating remarks about entire groups every day on his angsty twitter feed. But I’m sure you’ll give me some reason why that’s okay though.


Right but these are organizations who have opinions… He disagrees with them and attacks. I get it.

But to attack people because they have NO opinion is just down right stupid and makes people look incredibly arrogant. And I see it a lot. On both sides. People that partake in that are shooting themselves in the foot.


I’ll take “Who split the country between deplorables and virtuous people” for 400.


lol okay. What about labeling all undocumented immigrants from Mexico as “rapists.” Oh, I’m sorry. He did add that he assumes some are fine people. :roll_eyes:

The dude is more interested in settling petty grudges and massaging his own ego than running the country. And most of that involves insulting people, groups, countries, the opposition party, his own party, even private citizens.


And also… WTF?


Dude. All I said is that Ana Navarro’s way of expressing her opinion is counter-productive.

And you’re giving me a list of all the reasons Trump is bad. I didn’t say I was sticking up for him. Relax.


That’s old. He said it just in order to have all the media dig out the data to prove him wrong, only to show the whole nation that illegal migrants commit far more crimes (not just rape) than legal migrant, when considering the total percentage of the population.


Sorry. Maybe I got carried away. All good.


It’s current year, if you don’t call him a nazi at least 3 times a day you’re automatically a Trump supporter.