The narratives about Trump thread.


Lisa Page is alleged to have said that the Chinese were the ones that hacked Hillary’s server and the Upper levels of the FBI were fully aware.
Source is not confirmed , so I will wait for more, but it certainly is interesting if true


My Christmas wish.


You would, or you wouldn’t?
This is here the question!


Here’s something for all the Trump haters.


That article’s fatal flaw is the length: no Trump hater would ever read the whole thing. After the first two paragraphs they would be like:“feik news!!1 (insert emoji here)” and go back on cnn looking for the real news from anonymous sources familiar with the matter.


The truth and nothing but the honest truth, I even don’t bother clicking on the link Dr.Milker provided.

So far two clicks, one was Dr.Miller to see if the link is working, or a Moderator to check if it is conform with the forum’s rules and the other one is yours.

I wouldn’t click on it! Wouldn’t not would! would not!
Not not wouldn’t! And not wouldn’t not not not :rofl:


A wise decision! Much safer to stay inside the echo chamber, where everybody’s talking about fascism and WWIII. :wink:


The last time I switched over to your echo chamber, I learned that all American frogs are gay.
I learned the global warming is a lie etc etc.
I like to call my chamber the chamber of logic, rational thinking and scientific prove.

Edit: Oh I had to delete all the Russian cookies to get my browser back to normal.


and dont forget Russia! But not the pipeline, that’s haram. We don’t talk about that.

I hope that photoshopped pic will be the real deal, it’s just perfect.


Hmm, not sure about that. The eagle and flag at the front make it look like a US Postal Service plane…doesn’t exactly project an image of reliability.


Maybe add some flames to make it look like a bald eagle-phoenix crossover rising to new glory?


Yeah, maybe like the U. of Phoenix logo.



lol, I thought this thread was sarcasm but just realised many of you guys are for real.


And I like to call my member Vlad the Impaler. Your point?


Are you being sarcastic?



The plan is to destroy the EU, or can’t you really see it.
With no more allies, you can fuck off onto your continent and close the borders. Autarky comes to my mind.
The only question for you Trumpsters should be, will Putin stop in Amsterdam and have a smoke, or will he move on to Cuba?


Change WWIII to CWII, and you have a typical Rowland post. :cactus:


It’s only CWII?


So Putin’s secret plan is to destroy the eurocrats that elected themselves as rulers of European countries?

Wtf I love Russia now.