The narratives about Trump thread.



According to Newt and many other Republicans and at least one major Teapublican too, not that you care.

Show us one press conference between Vlad and any of those that even comes close to the absurdity of Helsinki.


I do not. I owe political allegiance to nobody.

Putting a fifth of U.S. uranium supplies into Putin’s sweaty hands trumps Helsinki any day of the week.


Obama tells Medvedev he will have “more flexibility” after election

Medvedev was President at that time (2012). He’s a “Vlad”, right?

But hey, Obama can do ANYTHING


I read it but wasn’t impressed. Sneering, angry, ideological and seeming written overnight.


Lol. I’ll see you that and raise you this, pour yourself a hot cuppa chai and settle in.


This could describe just about any political article written within the last two years.


But if Putin wanted to destroy the Eu, wouldn’t it be easier to make it dependant on Russia for gas and use all the generated income to boost its military presence, rather than meddling with the elections in a country on the other side of the world?

Really activates your almonds when you think of it…


I think Putin is smart enough to realize that EU is destroying itself quite nicely.


Sweaty palms? Oh, so that’s what bugged Melania.


Yeah, it was pretty good.


Ok, that was funny.


The challenge is not find a more (successfully) corrupt politician. That wouldn’t be fair, because Donnie is not very cerebral, and cerebral people tend to accomplish more (good or bad).

The challenge is find a more absurd performance by Obinton etc. than the Helsinki meltdown. Someone suggested Bush I vomiting on Japanese PM Miyazawa, but that doesn’t count because it was an accident (and wasn’t a press conference.) Then again, the Trump presidency was an accident, so… :idunno:

@CTaitung sorry, no, a hot mic comment about flexibility does not come close to Donnie intentionally telling the whole world, right after being reminded that the whole world was watching, that Vlad is the new Don.


just one YYY’s opinion.


See, this is where your whole train of logic jumps the tracks.

“It’s only common sense, there are no accidents” - Peter Gabriel


:astonished: You mean @yyy is not accurately representing your opinion?


Most times, no one knows what YYY is saying


:smiley: Rephrasing what someone said to form a Reductio ad absurdum point of view is a favorite.


You should learn to speak Rigellian. :stuck_out_tongue:


There’s a lot of distraction, confusion, window dressing, sophistry and related phenomena in this planet’s atmosphere, especially since the interwebs exploded. My worthless self aims to clear away the debris of illusion and show Honorable Earthlings that which is hidden. :eye: