The narratives about Trump thread.


Do you sometimes go by the name Baltazar?

There are secrets behind secrets.


Interesting that that’s what you heard. It’s not what I heard, but you’re certainly not alone. Apparently, large numbers of TDS patients heard the same or similar. I’m beginning to think that all the anti-Trumpers are running everything he says through one of those cool Japanese pet translators.

There’s a long list of absurd Obinton performances, but “absurd” is an extremely subjective metric, as you may have noticed.


I think Turdo’s friends performance during trade talks when they started discussing about transgender issues was pretty spectacular. Too bad it doesn’t count for obomo/shillary’s perfomance.


Kinda reminds me of when Kamala was grilling Mike Pompeo about climate change during his CIA director confirmation hearing. Those climate weapons the CIA has been working on must be more advanced than I realized.


:rofl: Oh boy! :popcorn:


“Two movies, one screen.”

Wait till the closing credits.


I’m beginning to think the movies might not even be on the same screen.


Biased much?

I can’t believe I used to work for that rag…


Hillary’s sense of irony has been surgically removed.


No one here is negotiating in good faith. This is poker, and The Donald has upped the stakes.

Does he have a plan? Probably not. But someone as adept at navigating chaos as he is doesn’t need a plan to win. He just has to outmaneuver all the others.

McFallout is in the news now, in a big way. He’s a political football now, and he’s in play. He can’t be happy about that.

If the past is any guide, Trump will have won the negotiation before most people realize there was a negotiation going on.

Before he was famous:

Looks like we’ve got another Comey here. He thinks he’s some kind of knight in shining armor, but somehow he never slays his dragons.

Oh, and Putin’s always picking on him. never mind that McFallout started the fight. Even if Putin had it coming, you don’t start a fight if you’re not prepared to win it. That’s not valiant, just stupid.

I don’t know if he’s guilty as charged, although he certainly seems like the type who could rationalize anything to himself. But he definitely wasn’t good at his job.

Remember that Jurassic Park movie where two tyrannosaurs tore this guy apart between them? Trump and Putin have both got their teeth in him now. They’ll fight each other for the bigger piece of him.




Jordan as Jesus? You can do better than that, Shia.


Biased in general? Yes. Biased against Don? Not half as much as you want us to think.

First of all, about half of his covers don’t imply significant negativity (like “person of the year”) or imply equal negativity regarding Hillary. And the punk rock one – you loved it the first time you posted it, remember?

Second, Obama didn’t practically beg the media to attack him every day for eight years.

But most importantly, where is our Honorable Mod when we need someone to explain the difference between equality of opportunity and equality of outcome? You can’t rob a bank and then get away with it by saying the judge is biased against you because you’re guilty.


I am known by many names, Mr. Rowland.

That’s rich, coming from you. :money_mouth_face:

What did you hear, Doc? Would or wouldn’t? Forget “Yanny vs. Laurel”! :smile: :ear: :brain: :dizzy_face:

Links please. :slight_smile:


If you can’t spot the difference in tone between those two sets of covers, I don’t think there’s much I can do for you.


I’m here, I was always wondering why Manafort was being prosecuted and while working with Podesta who essentially did the same thing who was not being prosecuted. So today we learn Podesta will be given immunity to testify against Manafort. How do you like your unbiased SC investigation?


We’re not doing Manafort right now. We’re doing Time.

Oh, wait – did I just say that? :doh:

If you can’t do basic math, I don’t think there’s much I can do for you. :roll:

Or do you see Deep Static in this?


And this?


And, uh, this?

Cause you already told us you agree with this.

And this prematurely shows him fulfilling a key campaign promise.

Or is your complaint that they chose a dark, ominous photo of the Don for the Person of the Year issue, compared to Obama’s less dark one?

That might be fair, if we pretended Barry was only POTY once, which he wasn’t.

Or is it the not-horrifying-but-still-creepy close-up here (calling the election in March 2016) that upsets you?

Which is, like, totally incomparable to any cover they ever did of Barry.


Or even when they compare Donnie to Hillie, does that upset you?

Because they would, like, never do that to Barry.

(Notice how they revealed that both Barry and Hillie are aliens! :doh: :no_no: :zipper_mouth:)

Or do you see hidden Deep Static unCovfefist messages in each one of those, like this Satanic imagery in the POTY cover?

Whereas they would never, ever do anything unflattering to Barry. Would they?

That wasn’t a fluke btw.

(I can’t vouch for the Cyrillic text, but I assume it states the obvious.)

Of course, they do show Donnie’s dark side more than they showed Barry’s dark side.


But overall, they seem to capture the Zeitgeist well enough. What’s not accurate or fair about this?


Btw, I’m not a big Time reader, so my apologies if there are any fakes among those (other than the first one). I did come across quite a few that seem to be fake, and here are some fun ones.


And I think this captures the Zeitgeist very nicely, fakeness and all. :upside_down_face:


how many cups of coffee did it take to complete those last 2 posts?