The narratives about Trump thread.


I’m sorry the prof died of AIDS but he deserved to lose his tenure.


Thanks Mr.Moo


The professor losing tenure was the only part of that story that strained credibility. :grin:


I don’t consider myself a centrist/Centrist (not the same thing as neutral btw), but I don’t consider it inherently pejorative either.


Pigeonhole? Why on Earth would anyone do that? It’s not like Donnie declared the EU a “foe” or had Nigel come to a MAGA rally to endorse him. Oh, wait… :cactus:

Actually, Mick, I would object to pigeonholing someone as pro-Brexit based on the person being (allegedly) pro-Trump, even though statisticians would probably say it’s reasonable. However, I thought you made it clear enough in post #2 of the Brexit thread that your attitude was I’m not voting, but if I did vote, I would vote leave. I interpret that as supporting Brexit, just as I interpret your words in this and other threads as, overall, supporting Trump.

I hope this doesn’t count as “calling you out” btw. :speak_no_evil:

The nickname issue is serious – or rather you’re making it serious – so I will address it in another thread.


The Orange One knows how to put foes in their place. Peace through victory.


Neutrality is a stance. Centrism is a neurosis masquerading as a principle.


Well thats the problem with you yyy, it’s all one or the other, there is no middle ground and to be honest that’s the interesting part where the discussion is to be had.

That and you spending more time telling me what I believe than telling everyone else what you believe. Once again, if you want to know what I believe you can ask me, I find it rude you feel the need to tell me what I do or don’t believe.

Overall I do support Trump, but thats like looking at a video the other day where some guy is clearing out a massive hornets nest in a wood garage and saying maybe it would have been better to burn the thing to the ground. Doesn’t mean I think burning wood sheds to the ground is a great idea, but the alternative is even worse. So it is with Trump.


Bizarre that you see me that way :2cents:

That’s what I was saying.

Thank you for your honesty. I’ll continue our discussion in the other channel now.



Perspective is a hell of a thing, especially if you are the one in the bubble.

:neutral_face: One couldn’t have made a more ironic comment after your preceding comment if one had tried. There is no 'ah ha" moment to be had.

People who express support or don’t support Trump are not some monolithic group. How to explain this to you in a way you can understand.

I have sat down and chatted with another mod on quite a few occasions on the topic of Trump, coming from New York they know of trump going way back and have a deep dislike for everything the guy stands for, even before he announced he would run for President.

This is an opinion I respect, it is their own opinion which I don’t doubt has a lot of truth to it. I like the person on a personal level too so this opinion has no impact on how I feel personally. I’m not going to assign his opinion to be based on leftist policies or attribute his feelings to being brainwashed by an establishment MSM with a clear agenda which is presented as propaganda.

People are complex, you need to ask them what they think on a particular topic and then listen when they try as best they can to answer. A little less telling them what they must believe, because you have identified them as belonging to a certain group that you think must believe in certain things, ok?



well that’s rather awkward…


Quick question. You’re talking about one guy there. Do you give most people the benefit of the doubt, or do you by and large assume people are “brainwashed by the establishment MSM with a clear agenda and presented as propaganda” when they offer a dissenting opinion on Trump?

And since you’ve somehow co-opted MSM to mean Trump-hating media (when, naturally, one outlet in particular is anything but), but do you immediately assume hardcore Trump supporters were brainwashed by propaganda and, I don’t know, dank memes? Scroll up if you need help on that one.

Serious questions, I’m not trying to be confrontational about it or anything. It could be that you were trying to detail how you give everybody the benefit of the doubt, but by talking about one instance it looked like there are only specific circumstances where you’d do that. So I was curious.

Also, while I’m here.


It doesn’t matter. 44 knew the road to greatness. He decided to be a shitty president in order to allow the ascension of our God Emperor.


They are good questions. No need to apologize at all for bringing them up.

When talking to people one on one, it depends on the person and how rational they sound. For example I was back in the UK talking with a neighbor who has a son in NY and asked if she has any plans to visit him and her reply was “I won’t be going while that man is in the white house”. That would seem to me to be a Trump derangement that’s probably not healthy for her.

Generally speaking, people are influenced by media. By media we don’t just talk about MSM print and cable news, we add in Google, Facebook, Twitter and the rest too. To what extent and what are the reasons behind it, such as political promises and threats to them. I think this is one of the biggest topics yet to be had and perhaps one of the most important.

You mean Fox, but there is nuance in there too, But I wont get into that now as it would take us too far off topic. Generally Fox is offering anything but a balanced view, I think if people use that as the sole source of information or avoid listening to alternate points of view, then yes, they are brainwashing themselves. Anyone left, right, or whatever belief system who puts themselves in an echo chamber where they only hear the points of view they want are doing that. Not unlike being in a cult really.



There’s absolutely nothing of substance in that video. She’s more than welcome to support whoever she wants for whatever reason she wants, but come on. It’s just your regular old anti-Democrat rhetoric. She’s not even walking away from anything, as she explains.


We may have viewed it slightly differently, I agree there was a lot of “regular old anti-Democrat rhetoric.” but a lot was aimed at media coverage.

Media I don’t see as much as a product of left/right, but establishment, big business and what has been accepted economic theory (not to say it is right). But left right policy is secondary to what makes them money.

Here’s the prediction, the establishment doesn’t care if you are Republican or Democrat, they change sides as soon as more money is in the offering. Democrats for the time being have tied their wagon to the establishment, but, sooner or later the establishment will cut it’s losses and what exactly will the Democrats platform be when that happens?



When the regular old rhetoric is coming from someone other than the regular old spouters of said rhetoric, you know something’s in the works.