The narratives about Trump thread.


Are things really this bad ? Is it illegal to fly the Flag ?


Sounds like something that would happen in a certain separate customs area we all know. :2cents:


Have you ever observed the psychological phenomenon known as projection?

I’ll spell it out for you: Trumpista = Trump supporter. I don’t use the -ista suffix pejoratively. If you call me a Clintonista, I will tell you you’re wrong, simply because I’m not a Clinton supporter (I don’t support US politicians, period), but not because I have anything against the word or the suffix, and not because I think every X supporter is unique and therefore can’t be identified as having any kind of association or resonance with any other X supporter. :snowflake:

People who express support or don’t support Trump are not some monolithic group.

I know! :wall: Why do you think I don’t know that?

A little less telling them what they must believe, because you have identified them as belonging to a certain group that you think must believe in certain things, ok?

There’s a lot of that going around. Can we have another dose of the Antifa! Pronouns! Hillary! Venezuela! chorus again?

Calling Trump supporters Trumpistas is not telling people what they think. If you find the suffix insulting, what am I allowed to call you? Or would you like to retract your admission that (overall) you support the Don?


Your words, Mick! :smile:

He raged at his staff for violating a rule that the White House entourage should begin each trip tuned to Fox — his preferred network over what he considers the “fake news” CNN — and caused “a bit of a stir” aboard Air Force One, according to an email obtained by The New York Times.

Your words again! :cactus:

Fox apparently has no comment.

The top story there? Melania’s heels.


This is “The narratives about Trump thread” not “The narratives about Mick thread”. If you have something on topic I may chime in.


The real lede: The New York Times thinks CNN defines reality.


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After a colorful discussion behind closed doors, I have decided to stop participating in this and all Trump-themed threads. Take it as my own version of #walkaway. :slight_smile:

Best wishes to everyone. :bowing:


Forget it, Jake. It’s Trumptown.


He’s the God Emperor; Trump Kingdom makes more sense.


Whywhywhy, yyy? You were an opponent worth engaging in earnest. Now we’re gonna go soft without any challenge.


I was enjoying it too, Rollo Rowland, but the Honorable Moderator and I have different interpretations of both fact and law (so to speak), and it’s his forum.

I think further discussion of this matter (if any) should take place in Feedback.

Flies away… :flying_saucer:


Unless name-calling is an essential part of your rhetorical skill set, I see no reason you can’t stick around.


(Shouting from the sky:) The disagreement is about more than that. (Disappears at warp speed!)


Lebron James’ interview with cnn was fascinating. After nearly two years of nba players constantly criticizing Trump, avoiding the white house and whining on social media about any political related issue…he said that Trump is the one using sports to divide the Us.

It made me lol.


Pro team sports are inherently divisive. In some places they have riots over that sort of thing. In other places you can get beat up for being a fan of the wrong team. There used to be a theory that these games sublimated violent urges, but that failed the horselaugh test.

Then there’s the theory that team sports foster cooperation and unity. If the only way you can cooperate is by ganging up on some other group of people, well… that’s cooperation and unity for sociopaths.

On the other hand, sometimes you need to gang up on some other group of people because they’re ganging up on you. That’s where the organized thuggery skills taught by team sports become useful. Football is good practice for war, up to a point. The whole game is designed as a metaphor for a certain type of war, and the metaphor breaks down where the rules of the game begin. Because, unlike football, war has no rules.

The trouble is, Lebron is playing tic-tac-toe and Trump is playing chess.



Putin is playing chess. Trump is one of his pawns.


Is there a janitor chess piece? Angelo merkel would be perfect, someone gotta clean those juicy Russian pipelines!


Oh wow did you hear that on CNN! So clever


That’s Bolton with the rifle.

“Crossing the Swamp”