The narratives about Trump thread.



MSM is playing chess with facts, you are its pawn.


Reports about this in the MSM: zero.


They’re looking into it. They need to check the graves of all people who died while fighting for the US in the last 150 years, then after they find one who had a racist or whatever background, the cnn will prepare the special:'SDRUMPF DONATES HIS MONEY TO CELEBRATE RACIST SOLDIERS".


Honestly at this point I wouldnt be surprised, MSM has already stooped this low


Even Liberals like Jimmpy Diore are openly calling out the BS deep corruption on the left, the MSM, Clinton Foundation, Fake Russia news to distract viewers from the fact that Putin told Trump about the Clintons 400 million USD being funneled into their pockets and he makes a lot of sense with a lot of proof and facts to back everything unlike CNN, MSNBC, Bluffington Post and Newsweak


Next on cnn:
Breaking news: Jimmy Dore is a nazi and his great grandfather laid the foundation stones of Auschwitz.


We’ll I used to be a Democrat, but they are too violent and racist now.


Uh-oh, I follow Jimmy on Twitter…hope I won’t hear jackboots in the middle of the night.



It’s too late. You’ll end up like those women shot by che guevara: forgotten, because he’s a “”“hero”"" and his image must be preserved.



Look at all those racist black people with “Blacks for Trump 2020” signs!



So that’s what Weird Al is up to.


More “pro black” than Obama, at least by certain measures:

Some people understand that while words can be interpreted many ways, results are what really matter, and they speak for themselves.



That’s funny and true. I hear the same thing from Liberals when I say I support Trump, I get racist hateful comments like I am not Asian or should be ashamed lol. Triggered into Hate and Racism. Can’t practice what they preach when it comes time to prove it but often other Liberals love telling other people how to behave. Now a days they’re too violent and triggered so I’d rather be Independant


The only people who don’t go around telling other people what to do are the Libertarians, and that hasn’t worked so well for them.

Even John Galt tells people to get the hell out of his way.

Still, some seem to relish it more than others. My policy is to leave alone everyone who leaves me alone. But when people make problems for me, I set out to make problems for them.


Who is John Galt?




Hey Trumpsters!
How are you doing lately without us.
Keep up the cofefe!