The narratives about Trump thread.


Doing just great. Trump now at 50% approval, higher than Obama at same point in presidency.



Especially without yyy, it’s missing the intellectual touch.
Looks more like a braunes Einerlei without him now. Don’t you agree?




A few months back, lefties were complaining that this debate was too one-sided.

Well, now it actually is. There are plenty of haters, but each is nothing special, and you can’t make it up on volume (no matter how loud you shout.)

Hey, Omarosa’s got a book coming out. They just keep on trying. It’s far too late to back down with any dignity, so they can only double down.


Isn’t Rasmussen run by ex KKK members? I think that would be the only explanation.


Close. Rasmussen sounds Swedish, and the Swedish collaborated with the _______.



We need to inform Muller!!!1 My God, what if the white house and Putin were colluding to build a pipeline to the Us through Alaska…


Nice try, but CNN isn’t hiring at the moment. :sunglasses:


I’m afraid I wouldn’t get very far at a cnn interview for a job opening. I doubt I could hold my explosive diarrhea longer than 5 seconds.

But I could always try to say:“I’m sorry about unleashing a layer of fecal matter unto your office, but I suddenly thought about Sdrnumpf and I couldn’t control my bowel”. Maybe that could lead some shekels to come in my direction…

Then after signing the contract I could go all #metoo and claim dacosta or some other wanker assaulted me…

Hey…this might actually work…brb, gotta check some plane ticket prices.


No worries, Acosta does it all the time. You’re a shoo-in!


First the 50% approval rating, now this…
Concentration camps when? #literallyshaking




Not exactly related to the God Emperor, but I don’t think it deserves its own thread and here we often discussed international stuff about other countries as well:

How long 'til turdo goes full cuck and says that he’s sorry for defending human rights activists and angering the multicultural and progressive saudi arabia?

Film your Marxist Professors


They’re making Obama look more than half white. Is that a racism thing?


People:“The first black president was trash!”
Cnn:“because he was half white!”


Bill Clinton claimed to be the first black president.

Race is a social construct, so who’s to say he’s wrong?


Was bill clinton the first black female president?

Mind status: blown


You forgot “lesbian.”