The narratives about Trump thread.


It is strange that , after much severe criticism and blaming Trump and his Tweet on the recent Fires in California, that this web information is so hidden ( not even on Google when I checked) Had to use duckduckgo. I wonder why? Hmmm. Who is to blame for the heightened risks? The answer my friend…


They say you better listen to the voice of reason…


Too whack to be infuriating. You get the feeling that her looniness could take her down a personal rabbit hole on the other side of which she emerges a fervent Trump supporter.


I’m thinking more Jim Jones…


She’s had too much kook-aid, no doubt.

A lot of Democrats are like her, though. You can watch her take in new info from Cuomo, she still hasn’t processed that Trump is prez. She’s not alone there.


trump was the choice of establishment but not the choice of people of America.


Which establishment? The one that funded the dems and shillary for their whole campaign? Like wall street, the media, facebook, twitter + all the “”“donations”"" received via the clitor foundation? That establishment?


Oh no , it’s getting scary!


Don’t forget: No borders.

Good grief, Democrats don’t support sanctuary cities for nothing, you know.


Trump is the choice of the future establishment, not the outgoing one.


Would that not be an oxymoron ? Fortunately the rules do not allow one fanatical area to control the whole USA. If you took CA out of the results, Trump would have won the popular vote by more than HRC did . interesting.


Rob Reiner surrounded by Trump stars…great trolling, ha ha.





I want this T-shirt!!



1.5 years in, desperation breeds chutzpah:

Rewriting history to serve the narrative, hoping memories are that short.

Of course, they’re getting mocked:


My kind of villain:

Going out with a bang, no whimper. This will cap her career.

On the other hand, it seems the fad has peaked:

“Trump fatigue.” Does that mean getting tired of all the winning?

Her brand is about backstabbing, cheating, alienation. As Tyrus said on Fox Monday afternoon, “Omarosa is the most despised person in the free world.” She doesn’t have fans, she has haters. And haters don’t spend $25 on a book…[/quote]

Depends how much they love to hate.

Her crossover into text is hardly a failure. But her sort of thing really does work better either on video, or in third person.

You can make a villain a POV character long enough for a monologue or a Disney song, but you can’t sustain it for an entire book. That’s too much.

Well, maybe…

Maybe they’re in cahoots?


Some fallout already:

36% is not good. Oh, wait…

It used to be lower.




I’ll make this thread 3,000.
Things are getting reallyyyyy interesting…