The narratives about Trump thread.


Funny stuff.

This is why I don’t understand Democrat faith in the blue wave based on polling data about Trump’s popularity. Americans who answer polls are likely to lie to a pollster just to avoid the kind of backlash Gary got.

Maybe the Trump approval polling data is solid, but I wouldn’t be surprised if likely voters have been less than truthful with pollsters.


More than likely pollsters are less than truthful with voters, than the other way round. But the point is well taken.

I sometimes take a look at The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll, nothing much of note is happening there, since perhaps, oooh last April or so.

Of course CNN is right now as we talk breathlessly talking about a sudden 6% dip in Trumps numbers and 16% drop with moderates, which just smells of stupid bullshit, Trumps polls, while not particularly high have been pretty steady for nearly 2 years straight.

Nothing has happened to suddenly explain a 6% shift or a 16% drop in moderates, just the same retarded news reporting we have had for 3 years straight, anonymous source says this, rumor of tape with salacious details (again), Trump hating author releases book delivering 3rd hand accounts from people who think Trumps leadership style is nuts (who would have guessed).


An aggregate shows a drop lately, but not really making any kind of low or anything


I’ve also been following FiveThirtyEight, their prediction for the House to switch to Democrat control has been high, 80% to 20%. So I will be interested to see how that turns out.


That is a pretty strong prediction, but a lot of time to go still.


Notwithstanding the Milo source and ignoring the headline. ( watch the content). The message seems to be concise and quite reasonable…


Even a kid can figure it out, unfortunately it’s worse than they think. Don’t worry about people ignoring Milo, thats been taken care of, the video seems a little way back when he still had a voice.


Some words of wisdom . I wonder if the Left will actually listen?


Nope. If you think that for a second you haven’t been paying attention, they don’t think they have anything to learn from anyone, it’s everyone else who needs to learn from them.