The narratives about Trump thread.


Hey, you shouldn’t insult our next president!


she has a better chance of being the next Cherokee tribal chief


“A federal judge in California late Monday dismissed Daniels’ defamation claim against the president and ordered her to reimburse Trump’s legal fees for defending the lawsuit.”

Oh no…am I hearing the sound of another GoFundMe page being opened?


And all the beads we made by hand
Are nowadays made in Japan :sunglasses:


Were they actually made in Japan at that time ?_? or was he just struggling to find a fitting country that could rhyme with “hand” ?

I wonder if by 2020 there will be the “all Cheerokes are far right nationalists” narrative to try to dismiss this dna debacle.


The song was first recorded in 1959. In the 1950s, Japanese made meant shoddy.
If Warren runs against Trump in 2020, he should use this song as his campaign song!!!


Maybe the most amazeballs thing is that the Democrats and their media had just finished working like hell to turn the narrative away from “Democrat mob mugged Kavanaugh” - it was just on the cusp of working, moving this mammoth thing like 2 degrees - when Elizabeth Warren decides to sacrifice all the hard work by the Democrat media by releasing the opinion of her Stanford geneticist that “strong evidence” exists that she maybe has a Native American ancestor. Her big news is that it’s possible.

I thought that only Trump shot himself in the foot over and over, but it seems the Democrats are taking their turn and taking it only three weeks from the mid-terms.

Who in their right mind would elect these bozos to Congress now?


If they decide that the best candidate available to defeat the evil Sdrumpfs in 2020 is a chick who pretended to be native american for career gains and then proceeded to release the results of a dna test that proves that the average american dudebro with a Maga hat hase more native american blood then her…I’d say the dems have some issues to figure out.


I’m seeing Hillary popping up more and more, pretty sure she is going to make a run again, so Warren would need to get past her first and her bag of dirty tricks.


Never underestimate the stupidity of the Dems to nominate horrible candidates.

Mick: Hillary and her lewd symbiont Huma? I hope so. I so hope she runs again. No Weiner this time though, so less theatrics.


His moderate record is there in plain light if people want to view his public service through a balanced lens. As Governor, he signed one of the most liberal abortion laws in the nation into the books. He also kicked RFK`s ass in a debate. He turned rightward in the late 70s as the nation changed, but the right wing nut label was created by the Gerry Ford people in 76, as well as Rockefeller Repubs (and embraced by the Dems). Not grounded in reality at all.

I challenge anyone who thinks Reagan was dumb to watch his performance in this debate.


This seems to be what the rumor mill is cranking out at the moment. Please run, Hillary…please please please!!!


Hillary is the establishments choice, they may go with Joe Biden. Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders type of politics is no more welcome by the UniParty establishment that run the show any more than Donald Trump. Wouldn’t be surprised to see one or even two of the establishment Republicans run as independents in an effort to split the Republican vote away from Donald Trump.


He’d be an excellent choice too. The doddering granddad who’s always talking about punching people in the face.


Bookies have Kamala Harris top of the list, not sure how much of a swamp creature she is, but in winning the nomination being a swamp creature is a feature not a flaw.


She’s completely unelectable at the national level, so obviously another excellent choice.


I’m not familiar with kamala harris, let’s use google:



Did you actually read the article? It does not say she " is likely 1/1024th native american indian". The article states she could be six to ten generations removed (i.e. 1/64th to 1/1024th).

I don’t have a dog in this fight but at least try to keep to facts.




That’s a pink woman who, due to some unfortunate life choices she made several decades ago, now desperately needs you to believe she is plausibly Native American.