The narratives about Trump thread.




Her problem is that the Cherokee Nation refuses to play ball. Pocahontas is no Cherokee, they say.

Don’t they know that their best political representation in DC would be a pink female Democrat who they could claim to be one of their own? Who do they think built their reservations, anyway? INGRATES


Same color as pussy hats. The pieces are all starting to fit together…


Tu quoque, msm…ouch.

Rip in pieces to her political career.


Didn`t we all come from the same African millions of years back?


I have doubts that she killed identity politics (it’s all the Democrats have), but I do think she may have mortally wounded affirmative action. Certainly if every American is a “person of color” then there is absolutely no reason to prefer any one race over another in American universities, for one thing.

This isn’t over, even though in the US the Democrat press is doing its damndest to remove Warren from the front page. I think Warren has opened a pandora’s box for the Democrats. They’ll deal with it later rather than sooner, but I think she’s given them a very big problem.


That is a disturbing image on so many levels …


All 750 pounds of it:


i actually read four or five articles, thank you for your concern. they pretty much state the same.

i did not mention they only took DNA from central and south American Indians.
still a dummy.


The question for me is why? Im 50% Irish by blood, 25% Scottish and 25% English. I’ve lived in England or was brought up there, I’ve been to Ireland plenty of times, but would consider myself English.

Im sure she is being honest about her family hand me down of having a native American ancient ancestor. At some point though, especially you have no ties to that community, Im guessing her parents and her grandparents didn’t either. At some point wouldn’t you say, I’m American?

Just to put it in perspective. Why would anyone say this is who they are?


To become a professor at Harvard Law.

In the mid-80’s she was a lecturer at U Penn School of Law. While there Warren added herself as a minority to the Association of American Law Schools. The AALS was used as a recruiting tool to recruit minority teachers. According to David Bernstein, prof at George Mason University, in those pre-internet days a university’s HR would pull down the AALS to hunt up a possible minority candidate for an open position. She was recruited from Penn by Harvard in 1992.

Warren was a grad of Rutgers, a public university in New Jersey. No professor had reached tenure at Harvard Law who was a graduate of a public university before Warren was granted tenure in 1995.

Also in 1995, Warren stopped listing herself as a minority in the AALS.

Also in 1995, Harvard Law dropped all listings of Warren as their first minority female professor.

Bottom line seems to be that “being a minority” got Warren in the door at Harvard Law. Harvard liked her enough to grant her tenure, and then everybody seems to have agreed to drop the minority bit.


So you agree that she is between 1/64th to 1/1024th and not “is likely 1/1024th native american indian” since all the articles seem to give this range (even articles on Fox).

I’m glad we could clear that up.


The bottom line is she’s about as Indian as any random white person, statistically.


Yes. If Elizabeth Warren is a member of a racial minority (based on this test), then the whole concept of “racial minority” has no meaning.


My grandma used to tell us we had an Iroquois great-great-great grandmother. I think that makes me pretty Indian


Your kids even more so.


Warren basically opened up a whole can of worms. super-PAC dummy.
watch for others to take same DNA test that likely score higher.


Hmmm…funny how some people use science to prove race,but reject science to prove gender.
#1024th something


Canada should now have a one-on-one winner-takes-both-race-prize-money duel between its two cycling world champions.


POTUS browses 4chan: confirmed

I love him so much.