The narratives about Trump thread.


Trump just did an interview with the AP. Most of it pretty boring but did say what he thinks about climate change.

Trump: I said the worst hurricane was 50 years ago, far worse than what this one was. Then, in 1890, they had one that was even worse. This was No. 3 or 4 or 5. We had worse hurricanes in 1890, we had worse, a worse hurricane 50 years ago. We’ve gone through a period, actually, fairly recently, where we have very few. I live in Florida to a large extent and spend a lot of time in Florida, and we had a period of time where we went years without having any major problem. And then you have a problem and it goes in cycles, and I want absolutely crystal clear water and I want the cleanest air on the planet and our air now is cleaner than it’s ever been. Very important to me. But what I’m not willing to do is sacrifice the economic well-being of our country for something that nobody really knows. And you have scientists on both sides of the issue. And I agree the climate changes, but it goes back and forth, back and forth. So we’ll see.

Well, now his position is officially known. This is one of the dumbest arguments the denialists make. “We had a hot period, then we had a little ice age, now its a little warmer, climate is always changing, some scientists agree it’s all natural some think it’s anthropocentric” , all of which is utter nonsense.


Not only does Leahy say O.C. Sarah Smith Crawford was not Cherokee, in a follow up article about Warren’s ancestry he says that Smith Crawford’s husband, Jonathan Crawford, was a member of the Tennessee militia who rounded up Cherokees and herded them into government-built stockades in Ross’s Landing, which is now Chattanooga, Tennessee. Ross’s Landing was a point of origin for the Trail of Tears.

These were the troops responsible for removing Cherokee families from homes they had lived in for generations in the three states that the Cherokee Nations had considered their homelands for centuries: Georgia, North Carolina, and Tennessee,” Leahy says.

Claims to have Cherokee heritage -> actually a descendant of someone who took part in the Cherokee genocide

I can’t be seeing this. It’s just too much.
The article is from 2012, was edited this year in May with some extra stuff. Today I’ve seen this story published on a few websites so it got me curious and i spent some time on google to verify the names, and she does have ancestors with those names, and the man was indeed enrolled in that militia. I found many articles from 2012 about this story, but i’m really curious to see if anything extra will come up now after the dna debacle.

@Mick there’s your october surprise from the dems!


If people look at anyone`s genealogy, they are bound to find saviours, scoundrels, and many shades in between. Why the hell brag about it? She needs to get a life and concentrate on the present!


Its bizarre, isn’t it. My mum’s Irish but I’m not. It does seem to be a peculiarly American thing to identify with ancestry in this way.

Actually, the Chinese often do it as well.


Not yet, next Monday is two weeks out, time for the skittish, one week out is best timing, no time to respond.

edit for the other siders, Trump will save a punch till the last week.


Amy Schumer: " I actually feel really bad for women more attractive than me ", leaves me thinking… that’s a majority of women.


Perhaps because it is such a melting pot people want to keep their identifiers. Warren seems like a serial bullshitter. If she understands Native Americans (unlike her, I have direct relations in my family that are full status), they would severely take the piss out of someone with such nominal ties.


The bottom line is DNA is irrelevant compared to lived experience. I have no doubt that there’s some indentured servitude somewhere in my ancestry, but it has no impact on me now.


The Memes have been quite funny , I have to say. Fake-ahontas, Chief Running Mouth. A myriad of mirth this week. I think more sympathy would have been gained, by admitting the reality, but in true Warren style, she chose to double-down on the claim. Mistake.




Oops…her ethnicity isn’t the only thing she faked.


“Mrs Warren’s recipes include herbed tomatoes and a crab with tomato mayonnaise dressing, among other dishes.”

Ah yes, i remember that from my history books; the Cheeroke men used to go hunt crabs in the plains while the women went to collect the ingredients to prepare the traditional Cheeroke mayo.


It goes great with roast buffalo.


It’s a Great Plains recipe that’s been passed down through the centuries, mother to daughter, since the beginning of time. At least among the 5 civilized tribes, who would send their sons out to become men by killing the great crab or at least coming back with some canned ones and taking their rightful place in Cherokee lore.


It’s highly disrespectful to make jokes about native American spirit animals.


I find myself unable to resist at this time. Something about our newest native American really brings it out in me.


Yeah, I’m beginning to think she’s been toking heavy on the peace pipe (or maybe overheated in the sweat lodge). And I hear the Cherokees have given her an honorary Indian name: Spreading Bull.


My favorite Pocahontas snark so far (not mine):

Political pundits say two conclusions can be drawn from Warren’s attempt to prove Indian heritage. First, she has Presidential ambition. Second, she had Presidential ambition.


Trump has had a cakewalk thus far.

He has made it that way for himself with some brilliant propaganda, so credit due.

Where are the teabaggers? Debt is out of control.

Where are the bible beaters? Unbecoming behavior the norm.

Where are the intellectuals? His knowledge of the world and politics in general is sad.

Where are the business people? He is butchering trade (though now that he locked down NAFTA with a no China clause for Mexico and Canada things could be rough for the PRC. Jury is out).

They have essentially been put on cable news island while his pep-rally loving followers ham it up in full retard mode.

Yes, having weekly pep rallies is retarded. He has a lot of smart supporters, the pep rally people are fucking rubes, full stop.

The fake news narrative is the real narrative here, the fact that whilst lying, he can cast aspersions on anyone who dares critique him. THAT was Trump’s best move.

But lets be real, he fell into that ass backwards. The whole fake news campaign was based on the idea that Trump would lose and start his own right of Fox news network.

Look at CNN probably 1/100th of the liar Fox News was pre Trump, now Trump lives 24/7 in their head and they fall for stories that he plants (like the staffer who leaked info). They are falling for everything and the lair tag is fitting better and better.


Juvenile wins like making your grandmother present ID.

Yay MAGA! We made an old lady prove who she was.

No fruit is low hanging when you are a bottom feeder.


Don’t worry, she just need to delete her tweets and no one will ever remember.