The narratives about Trump thread.


Peak #44:

the God Emperor’s 2nd year:


A very effective political ad.



around 0:40 :



Now for a very ineffective political ad.


that is the most cringiest thing ever.


I’m sure your average Texas voter is gonna love it. :sunglasses:


Are you qualifying superlatives again? :smile::kissing_heart:


That is the #1 top most not-est thing I am most certainly not doing.


Wow, with all the money they have raised, you think they would spend it on better ads.


“So have these hexes worked?”
“We think they have … we hexed Trump last summer …”

Whoa. Say no more, Dakota, say no more.


We found a contender to “my sex junk” for worst thing in YouTube’s history.


Here’s another winner. These people are really on a roll!



First one was good enough, i’ll save this one for later.

Isn’t Beta hovering around 40+% ? I’d honestly expect it to be more like Beta 30% / literally anyone else 70%


He is running against Cruz! He is one of the most hated people in the Senate (by Repubs and Dems alike). Not saying Beto is the solution, but there is a reason this race is so close.


You say that like it’s a bad thing. :grin:


Just saw an interview with Trump where they asked him if he is still ‘Lyin Ted’ and Trump said no now he’s ‘Beautiful Ted’.

Almost spit my water out laughing. Probably the funniest Trump moment I’ve seen so far.


Who went after McCarthy in the 50s? The Southern senators. Why? He did not behave to the code that Southern gentlemen live by. That chivalrous code is definitely not adopted by Cruz.

Refined Southerners are not supposed to act his way.


This one might be a hard sell. Ted is one ugly mofo.


I’m not a fan of cruz…but beta??