The narratives about Trump thread.


We can’t let him get the nuclear codes!


It’s weird how the Democrats are trying to present Beto as this charismatic, Kennedyesque young statesman, when it’s obvious that he has zero charisma. They’re trying way too hard. It stinks of desperation.


I am not a fan of Beto either. But I am a student of Texas politics. How could Bush Jr lose a House race in the 70s? Bush Sr. to Bentsen in a Senate race? In these regional races, both Bushes were great people and candidates (and presidents–albeit Jr preferred over Sr). The answer – they were out-Texas-ed by their opponents in these races. How could John Tower win in the early 60s when Republicans were rare breeds in Texas? Tower may have been short as hell, dressed in foreign Saville row suits, British educated, etc., but he was as Texas as they come in personality, drinking, womanising, etc.

Cruz is not. He comes across like a travelling salesperson from outside selling cheap made products and lying out of the side of his mouth.

Beto reeks of Texas (and all the good and bad that it entails) more than Cruz does.


Cruz is definitely low on the charisma scale as well. And Beto has Willie Nelson’s endorsement. Tough race to call at this point.


The ads for Beto are a bit disturbing.
Reeks of Portlandia


Beto will lose, in my opinion, because he has not appealed to moderate Republican or independent voters, who would look at such ads and rightly cringe. In his quest to become a national star for the Dims, he has alienated an important constituency in this race. Wealthy pro-business (Houston, Dallas, etc.) voters that cringe at some of Trump`s protectionism, immigration stances (who will clean hotels, cook and bus in restaurants, do their lawns, and so on?) etc. but who do not normally vote Democratic. These are global minded folks that are not as socially conservative or economically regionalist as most Texans, but who could have swayed the race to Beto. In my opinion, they will hold their nose :cowboy_hat_face:and vote for Cruz.

These amateur ads or appearing on stage with Willy (who is left leaning and has been for decades and decades) are bad initiatives to appeal to such demographics.


The God Emperor retweetet obomo 's speech about immigration. I love him.
Can our friend Kav remove the limit for two mandates, please?


So Trump described himself as a nationalist and he’s getting bashed for it in the media and that it’s racist.

Umm. Idk but I took that political test and I lean slightly nationalist… Now I’m racist for it?


By human standards: probably not
By regressive current year standards: everyone is racist

And if you think you’re not racist, you suffer from subconscious internalized racism.


I just caught up with the whole native american ancestors thing. I can’t believe she is doubling down on it with a straight face and saying see, I am 1/1024 native american. This is a possible presidential candidate???

She even made this video lololololol :rofl:


I imagine she a great lawyer, but clearly doesn’t understand optics. This has been floating around since 2012 I think, it would have been the easiest thing to do some test way back then and come out and say “you know this is my family lore, my test prove I have some native heritage but it is much less than I thought, plus the Indian nations have no record of my ancestor, I shouldn’t have claimed to be native American, I apologize if I caused anyone offense”

People would have moved on, it’s not that big of a deal, no one really cares. It’s the doubling down, and doubling down on doubling down that keeps people ribbing her. But I guarantee you, she will never, not at this point admit any wrong doing.


She just keeps digging her hole deeper.
Now the flyover states and deplorables know her as that 1/1024th lady.

How about she’s “one/2-to-the-tenth” ?

And computer techies have a laugh, because in Rich Text Format (RTF), language code 1024 indicates the text is not in any language and should be skipped over when proofing.
Key word: skipped over


Explosive packages sent to Clinton, Obama and Soros. Oh yeah, and CNN. Don’t want to be the skeptic, but two weeks out from elections reeks of October surprise.

Trump on the other hand, if I were to guess, has a surprise of his own, but should keep it till a few days away. Skittish people will try to get him to release early.


Same goes for all those Nazi and KKK pamphlets suddenly appearing in specific neighborhoods (i.e., not their target audience for membership) around the U.S.


If trump was an athlete, he’s up there with the best of them at trash talking and getting into people’s heads lol. You can’t out trump him, he’s really good at hitting people where it hurts making them engage in him in ways they never would.




“Where should we sent our nazi racist white suprematist KKK propaganda material?”
“Bronx. And Detroit suburbs.”
“…are you sure?”
“Yeah, that’s where no one is expecting us to operate…the perfect cover!”


And a lot of those hipsters wear jackboots…easier to blend in.


and make sure they leave their Lynyrd Skynrd 8-track tapes at home


They can still listen to them, they just have to do it ironically. :sunglasses: