The narratives about Trump thread.


Not really Trump related, but probably not worthy of its own thread:

Wake up -> find out the US military dropped a humvee in your garden . Early xmas!!!


don’t say the ChiComms don’t have dry sense of humor, from spokesperson Hua:

“If there are concerns about Apple calls being listened-in on, then you can change to Huawei phones,” Hua said.



ahahahahahaahhaha that’s a good one indeed!



“”" bombs""’ <3



“…for those who have released themselves from the political orthodoxy”


Kinda Trump related:



This is unbelievable. The Washington Post, no longer fit to even wipe your butt with.


By Shalom Auslander
September 13, 2016

WaPo has been less valuable than Venezuela’s currency for a while!


Yeah, it’s hardly news, ha ha.


Yeah, WaPo has been in this nosedive for a while now. Beats me why some people wonder why he denigrates the Democrat press.


At least they had the decency to put it in opinion.


Huffpost would have started with: FACT



I don’t think it will happen, but if happens you’ll see the dems losing most of their interest in migrants and sanctuary cities.


how could an extremely racist, fascist, worse-than-Hitler president do this? Why, the nerve of such a dastardly man!


bombshells everywhere. the monthly rundown of the beginning of the end since August 2017.
kind of reminds me of some people we know here



Wtf, how’s that breaking news, he’s always off the rails, that’s why I love him! I’d be more worried if he started to act like a normie.

The clip is a work of art and the ending made me spit some tea. Rip to whoever went through all that Cnn footage, there’s no way he survived.


Self awareness levels: MAXIMUM


Ben & Jerry’s is officially WOKE. What better way to resist than eating pecan ice cream?


They might have wanted to spend some time researching the “Get woke go broke” trend of the last few years x__x