The narratives about Trump thread.



won’t take long before this becomes Trump’s fault!


Is killing kkk trumps fault?

Gamers have endured the constant barrage of feminist trying to make games not fun. Calling for outright bans because video games plays into the fantasy of men. Game studios stupidly making more female friendly games think men and women should like the same things when they don’t. And with the largest one game studio letting a hateful feminist come in to inspect a game for feminist approval.


They should just make separate games for feminists and SJWs. Problem solved.


The problem is…they don’t actually play games lol. The gaming industry have been trying to make more gender neutral games for women and have failed miserably. Turns out, not many women like to play games.


Maybe game companies should figure out how to get them to play. Punching “Nazis” in a video game is much more healthy than attacking innocent bystanders in real life.


Not just feminists. SJW have tried to make games more politically correct and historically incorrect. One such was boycotting a game based on 15th Bohemia, modern day Czech republic. The game sets to be very historically accurate and had historians on the team and mapped out real buildings and how things were set out.

One problem, 15th century Bohemia doesn’t have blacks, Asians, Hispanics etc. So they said it’s racist and needs none white characters.

Or feminist trying to get games and a few times successesf add female soldiers in historical war games…yes because there were women soldiers in trenches during ww1.


The Lemon and Cooper characters are hilarious.


the new AG:





Less than 24 hours after the election. There’s no spinning this one… but I guess it won’t stop them from trying.



womp womp 8(


Since the elections are over, we’re basically going to see the real Trump for a while. The one who obstructs justice and is a whiny bitch when challenged.


So you think Trump has filters then?

Dubioius. Personally I think that what you see is what you get. He’s been showing us “the real Trump” since the 1980s. I don’t think Trump thinks like you or I, and I don’t think he’s going to change.

In 1980s Manhattan’s tabloid wars he learned to pay lawyers to do his “whining,” and I doubt he’ll change that, either.


Trump will go to the dems and offer nation wide legalization of marijuana in exchange for wall funding / immigration reform.
Nancy pelosi 's balls will freeze after she realizes that no matter what they side on, they’ll be framed as losers.

Now let’s wait for the DEVASTATING results of the mueller investigation that he was so kind not or to publish before the midterms.




That guy was REALLY a prophet, holy carp.


OMG, Ann Coulter has a sense of humor!


Meanwhile, an hybrid between the Kingpin and Agent 47 who browses 4chan in his spare time is the new attorney general.

I thought these midterms were a bit underwhelming, but Jesus I wasn’t expecting this turn of events…


The YouTuber got banned!!


The joys of living in PC hell. Record a game segment where you punch a “feminist” PNC, store it with yt where approximately eight gazillion other game segment videos show gory violence out the wazoo, of all kinds … and get banned from yt. :roll_eyes:

At least we got Trump tearing PC limb from limb.


Not all hero’s wear capes. Honestly he’s a breath of fresh air. He says some stupid shit but some comedic joy is needed from this fear of saying offensive things and hurting feelings.

I vote another video content platform will rise up and compete without restrictions like YT.


Wait…so now NPCs in real life are defending NPCs in videogames…?