The narratives about Trump thread.


Kinda. Only if the NPC that’s whacked is a feminist, evidently.




Bitchute and Gab are growing very well, which is the very reason why their competitors like twitter, yt etc etc constantly try to demonize them.


Here’s hoping RBG retires immediately and gets all the rest she needs to make a full recovery!



Waifu Amy when?


Does your actual wifu know about all these hard-ons…er, crushes you’ve been having lately?


You mean Tulsi? She knows, but she can understand that Waifu Amy has a special place in my heart, so in that case Tulsi could be your Waifu!


Sounds great, but my wife isn’t nearly that understanding.


Wife and Waifu can coexist, don’t worry.

“RBG was knocked over by one of Kavanaugh’s runaway kegs” lyl

I have to go to sleep now, but I’m sure tomorrow there will be some salt to be gathered and enjoyed.


Not likely.

What’s Jeremy Bentham up to these days?




I think it’s their code word for “clickbait trash”.


He’s back, and this was his first video:



They reviewed it and reinstated him?


Yes, it looks like videogame npcs aren’t a protected class.


Thank God. Always nice when a little sanity returns to everyday life.


I would suggest she doesn’t lean so far on the left to avoid more falls.

Sorry, I had to save this until I knew she wasn’t going to die or anything. At least from the fall. She got discharged and is ok.


universal suffrage was a mistake tbh


see… he’s a winner at everything he does…


How could anyone go through all of those shows to check how many “jokes” were aimed at Trump? Isn’t that the equivalent of being in a concentration camp in Vietnam with the white noise and shit?

I want to know how many jokes were aimed at #44!