The narratives about Trump thread.


@Dr_Milker remember, the correct answer to:“where are you from?” Is :"western Nevada "


This is why the first thing my parents did when they moved from California to Oregon was get local plates. Bumper stickers with the names of local sports teams are also very useful. :sunglasses:




Few word did trick


Molymeme every now and then shows signs of brilliance.


Not often enough to actually follow, but fortunately others do the heavy lifting. :sunglasses:


Interesting thought, was watching CNN yesterday, they are so transparent about what they intend to do it’s almost comical.

They were running a piece on Monica Lewinsky and absolutely fawning over how bad she was treated and thought to myself “huh, they are throwing Hillary under the bus”.

Then thought to myself, if they have decided Hillary is not the one, they must have decided who is. So just for fun and in before any other predictions. Kamala Harris will be the next “chosen” one.


If they want to give it a real try, Harris is ideal because they could play both the:“You don’t like her because you’re racist” and “You don’t like her because you’re sexist” cards at the same time. Not that they’re good cards, but it seems like the dems are in a situation where they can’t be too picky. She’s almost as unlikable as hillary, and she’s also actually racist, so she’s she ideal candidate for them.

Other option is they push forward a random white dude with no chance of winning and focus all efforts on 2024, hoping for an economic recession or war that will put Trump’s presidency under a bad spotlight and make another “CHANGE!1!!” campaign.


I believe already billionaire Tom Steyer will be filling a void for you for “white” competition, mate. Already has been clearing some room for a 2020 bid, according to recent sources.


Such nice people… :hushed:


I think the Democrat media will have their hands full dissuading Clinton from running again, but they’re so root-tapped into the Democrat hive mind that I think they’ll pull it off without much problem.

I think the progressive wing would love Kamala Harris, but your libertarian (aka center aka DNC) left seems to be pushing for Beto O’Rourke (based on what I’ve been reading lately). The patriarchy and the sin of white privilege would be strong with Beto, and I’m not sure the dingbat wing would be able to resolve.

Could be a lot of fun watching crazy Kamala go into the octagon with skateboardin’ Beto, socialist Bernie refereeing. :popcorn:


If elected, at least she’d make sure that the full powers of our intelligence agencies are fully focused on the dire global warming threat.


I hope Clinton runs. We all know who would win 2020 if she does even if all the polls say she will win.


I hope you meant global warming. I would hate to have to start a twitter account or something.


Freudian slip?


You’re probably due for a checkup with that udder doctor.


To be fair, family is overrated.


Is Trump still a racist? Just checking.

(Bubbette recently said something along the lines that unchecked immigration is bad. Not sure she even matters anymore, but the Dilbert guy is insinuating that CNN might have stopped flogging the Orange Man Racist line because of that. Which, if true, means there are still important people left who care about her.)


“I’m a jew and I have a jewish friend who literally sucked Gop’s dicks to help her career…BUT, these two gay dudes like Trump, so maybe the people who like Trump are just bad”.

I think Michelle Goldberg may be trying too hard to get a Pulitzer prize.