The narratives about Trump thread.




You’re better than this, @gaboman.


You mean on Russian payroll, right?


You would think so, wouldn’t you? Apparently not.


I still have faith in you. Everybody has a bad day now and then.


actually, I am too. Pays better, especially when combined with being a General Manager of fake news


Who cares about pee pee tapes? Anyways, what I think is wrong here that many of the posters are against Obamacare (yes it’s not perfect) but yet have a happy life here enjoying National Health Care. Calling some issues (fines) with Obamacare a tax? What’s wrong with a tax? Are not all fines taxes? How would you describe the working of car insurance? Not having car insurance when driving a car and pulled over getting fined? It’s a tax that’s used to finance several traffic related departments.
Car insurance works similar to a universal healthcare, some people pay more than others to finance the whole system. You must be an idiot dumb judge calling fines within Obamacare unconstitutional. If that’s his argument than all fines=taxes=unconstitutional. The whole law system is unconstitutional when it issues fines.


What does Alex Jones’ porn proclivities have to do with anything?

I, for one, despise Alex Jones… but I have no idea what kind of porn he likes…


It is about choice. What I love about Europe, especially Francophone countries such as France or Belgium (including the Walloon part) is the choice. You have state run coverage running in tandem with mutuelles from the private sector. It is a great fusion of public and private.

On the other hand, when Obamacare forces you to have coverage and offers only one or two private sector choices that are overpriced (compared with the plethora of choices and doctors before), lots of people are not going to like it. It limits choice. Very un-European, so I am surprised you are a fan of Obamacare.


That’s fixable if you introduce a state funded system. It’s better than nothing, being free game. It’s like car insurance, you don’t want it, you need it. When you need it and don’t have it you go broke!

In Belgium there is a state funded car insurance system for people that can not get one anymore for various reasons.


He showed his phone on screen once and there was a tab that said: “Naughty tbabe Marissa Mi…” His explanation was “porn pops up on peoples’ phones all the time!” Basically the theory is that there’s a correlation between obsession with a topic and fetishization. Like when politicians who rant about the gay community get caught boning dudes.



I know the Babylon Bee is satire…but that title is 100% true. lol…


Exactly. In current year, news is fake and satire is real. Although calling CNN “news” may be a bit of a stretch.


I can’t find any link between the quotes below the headline and the headline itself. Could you provide a link to the page rather than screenshots?


I think he’s just pointing out the constant negativity or negative verbiage. They’re not really related.


Oh, I see. It gave the appearance that there was a page with all those quotes on it.


CNN is news, FOX is stand-up comedy! Although most of them sit down.


It’s a page of links from their mobile platform. Here’s the article that goes with the headline.


Thanks, I’ve already read that.