The narratives about Trump thread.


With this sentence, you lost all credibility. CNN hasn’t been in the news business for a very long time.


i was under the impression CNN’s main source of income was their cable tv news channel.

What is their main business nowadays if not the above ?


Pumping out propaganda on behalf of their corporate sponsors. If you think “the news” is about reporting of actual news, you haven’t been paying attention.


The question was to you, which you avoided and answered with whataboutisim. But since you asked, if your view is a binary choice how will you be able to recognize anything more in other peoples observations?

Trans was just an example, I also provided BLM as an example, modern feminism could also be an example. Us vs Them is a SOP for any identity politics group, I would argue it is extremely divisive due to lacking compromise and the use of a required oppressor who becomes the enemy that stands in the way of that group getting what ever they want.

Ideally a society needs to think about the needs of others not just the needs of a self identified group and then expect the rest of society to see everything from your own existential view point.


What propaganda?
When I’m watching and they have these ‘up-Trumps-ass-supporters’ talking about how great the president is and his achievements, that’s propaganda.


That Trump will be impeached any day now, for starters.


Oh, never heard that.


I do not recommend that you watch CNN to remedy that, but if you did you would.


It’s impossible arguing with a FOX friend!


You can start learning about CNN’s anti-Trump propaganda efforts here.


You need to stop looking at things through a binary lens. CNN and Fox are both propaganda organizations, and their main mission is to put out a world view which reflects the interests of their sponsors.


Probably more than half of the US population is anti Trump, nothing new.


Let me mansplain something: whataboutism is when you refocus the conversation, and here the topic was always the ongoing narrative of posters in this thread.

But I feel like perhaps we have a different view of what would count as binary. Like I’d personally say dismissing groups like BLM and “modern feminism” outright would be an example of something seen through a binary lens. I personally think such groups, while imperfect, have plenty to offer society as a whole. Can’t say for sure, but it sounds like you’d be happy if they went away.

This binary lens thing is funny, though. Is this a new one from right-wing rags or is it just catching on because Mick said it? You guys do love your buzz words. I mean, it sounds smart and all on the surface but you’re just replacing one binary (Democrats vs. Republicans) with others (essentially, Trump vs. those who oppose Trump, and all the examples Mick gave in his earlier response to B_P). It’s kind of been the go to “us vs. them” arguments from the very beginning of this ordeal. Basically, if you’re not on board with all his bullshit then you’re a globalist, uniparty, Marxist.

And now is when the gaslighting begins, I suppose.


Perhaps you don’t realize how compartmentalized your thinking is. If I am critical of the self centered thinking that exists with different identity political groups it doesn’t mean I don’t think there aren’t topics that don’t have merit and are worthy of discussion. Your leap to “it sounds like you’d be happy if they went away” is just as dramatic as when we discussed trans and despite me on many occasions saying I wouldn’t have a problem to address someone by whatever gender they wished, a few posts later you hysterically declare “it sounds like you don’t want them to exist”, which is utter bunk if you had read my own opinion which I have stated many times.

The one lurching from one extreme to another is not me. The one unable to concede there is merit in some of what is being said is not me. I’m not the one calling your opinions “cute” or summarizing the collective posts of everyone on here as a “shit show”. I’m not describing your posts and views as “bullshit” nor trying to put words into your mouth or telling you what you do or don’t think about other people. Nor am I making snide comments about everyone on here watching some Alex Jones porn. (I actually thought you meant they get off on Alex Jones podcasts).

I don’t know why you feel the need to communicate in an offensive way. Maybe you are just being defensive. Whatever, I’ve had my fill of your name calling for today. Good day to you.


You mean like “binary?” :whistle:


So the new narrative is that Trump bumping Mad Dog out is going to destabilize the world.

In a word: bah.

It made me think of Truman firing General Patton. There’s one person in charge. One person that was elected to do what the voters want, not listen to some populist military man whose job it is to kill an enemy with extreme prejudice. The sad thing is that recently, the elected have NOT acted like that at all. Bush, Obama simply kept going, dragging out the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, trying to stabilize a foreign policy built on jello. Hillary got into the act during her awful reign as Secretary of State and we got a nice little uncontrolled burn in Libya that mercifully flamed out fast. Every single person in the 2016 election who backed More War got handled. To this day the most frightening thing I ever heard in a debate from that era who HRC saying she’d enforce a no fly zone over Syria to keep the Russians out. You know, the Russians who, while not the good guys in any world arena, just want a bit of control over the northern parts of the middle east so Muslim fundamentalists don’t you know run up and start another Chechnian type Civil War in Russian nether regions.

Here are three articles I read yesterday that sum this up:

Trump was elected for one simple reason, and it plays on one simple fact. Washington insiders don’t respect or listen to their constituents, and the US right now is the biggest baddest military/economy the world has ever seen and can afford to air its dirty laundry in public. Trump’s philosophy is simple as well: I will give you what you say you want. It’s almost like we have a POTUS who trusts us to handle big worldly issues, not just small domestic social things like gay marriage and abortion. How novel.

Well, I want no more perpetual More War. A whole lot of people here want that too. If the uber rich reality TV guy is willing to buck the trend of neoconservative thought, fine by me. Leaving these spoiled brat oil countries to fight amongst themselves is not going to destabilize the world. It’s not going to threaten Israel’s existence. If anything, it’ll jack oil prices back up, which is good (Now, it’s at $45 a barrel, which is bad). The US doesn’t get much oil from the region anyway. China and Japan do. So does Europe. If they want to sacrifice their poor for oil or geopolitical bragging rights, in my opinion, they can step up and take a swing.

In my school there’s a big picture of Obama and the caption reads “One voice can change the world.”

Yup. And this time, it’s huuuuge.


Have those critical of the vacuum that will be caused from US withdrawal noted the Saudi and UAE support? I doubt it. I wonder how the Saudi’s might have co-operated or not co-operated if Khashoggi indecent was handled differently.

No western media influence there to affect an outcome. Just good honest journalism.


“There are fears of Arab-Turkish confrontations that will be the first of their kind on Syrian soil.”

Bet that won’t be true a year from now.


You mean the kidnapping, torture, murder and dismemberment?

Yemen has been a practice run for SA. I think they think they got it down as I can’t imagine anyone in the Middle East would now want their clusterf8ck version of war/starvation in their own backyard.

Security Force…or else.

Interestingly, from what I read, Israel is the only ME country that has an outward looking military, with the small exception of Iran needling just about everyone. The Arab nations seem to use their power for internal social security as it were, ie blocking the exit. Russia would be fine with that. I don’t know why we’re not. :idunno:


My bet is on:“Putin fooled Trump into retiring troops from Syria, now Russia & allies will take control of the whole middle east due to Trump’s weak military strategy”